Monday, March 30, 2009

Bellem's Boxes

Tonight, we did the planned activity that we mentioned a few days ago. We brought 100 Bellem's Boxes, opened them all, and recorded what dropped. From our initial investment of 1 million vis (10,000 per box times 100 boxes), it was apparent that we made principal back when 2 Level 88 Enchantment Chips dropped. Selling all of the dropped equipment below level 56 (except 1) to the NPCs netted us about 300,000 vis. The 1 low level item that dropped which we didn't sell was an Old Wood Pendent which would sell for 100,000 to an NPC by itself.

Other interesting items of note was a Fallen Champion Spinelle, Orange Dye, Warp Scroll to Bahamar Ancient Mineral Cave (no clue where that is), and a bunch of odd desserts (foods that give spell enchantments). More details to come as we tally up the various items.

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