Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Evening's activities

For the 2 hour period that we ventured out tonight, Calypso managed to reach level 78, hence enabling the rescue knight's and miner's quests in El Canon. From their quests, we managed to obtain 6 level 80 experience cards, some toolboxes, and some magical orbs. Fortunately, we were lucky with drops tonight as we picked up about 10 pieces of equipment (6 of which we later converted to level 84 enchantment chips), and about 30 Treasure Cores. We had thought to put these Treasure Cores on the market but unfortunately, there's maintenance tonight.

On the forum, there is a thread about someone proposing to sell fesos at a rate of 1 feso to 50 vis on Orpesia. That family also suggested adjusting the price of bazaar items to match that ratio. Although that seems to be double the normal price of fesos there, we saw broadcasts on Bristia from buyers willing to pay that price. As a testament to how expensive our server is, a seller on Bristia demonstrated what he saw in his cabinet by showing a picture of 100 Upgrade Accelerators that sold for over 250 million vis. Not only that but it was all brought by only 1 buyer as it is only 1 entry.

This makes it tempting for us to start selling bazaar items again but as we have nothing we want to purchase with vis, our vis levels are quite adequate. We only need 10 more Pure Otite for the not so distant future but as they are selling at a price between 3 million and 4 million, it makes more sense to farm them ourselves when the time comes.

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