Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rumors / News?

From the forums, we heard that:
  • Mystery Boxes have disappeared. We already knew that they have disappeared from everyone last week and we have been fortunate that we have already opened all ours. The new part is that the Premium packages sold no longer offers them and instead increased the Gold amount from 8000 to 10100 for the most expensive package. There was speculation that the price of promotional characters (Emilia the Sage, Soho the Fighter, Adelina the Pirate, and Idge the Battlesmith) will skyrocket as no new ones will be created in the world as they only come from the Mystery Boxes.
  • Everett, clan leader of Ceres is leaving the game. We haven't encountered her personally but she was a long time player and forum moderator.
  • Puddingeaters the troublemaker is leaving. Another long time player. This is almost like an eulogy.

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