Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tally of items from 100 Bellem's Boxes

We've tallied up our results from yesterday and came up with the following:
Equipment 63
Minerals 10
Enchantment Chips 7
Potions 5
Mission Lobbies 4
Food 3
Warp Scrolls 3 - Warp to the entrance of a given Forgotten Area/Ancient Area
Dye 2
Spinelle 1
Gems 1
Others 1 - A Megaphone in this case

In terms of value, the potential value of the items from the boxes seems to exceed the fixed cost of obtaining the boxes. Just selling the equipment to the NPCs would only recover about half the cost of the boxes. To really take advantage of the items would require selling them on the market to other families. Hence, it would depend upon one's luck in obtaining high level equipment, enchantment chips, mission lobbies, spinelles, and gems.

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