Thursday, April 30, 2009

Evening's activities

Tonight, we had our Fighter Maria train by herself in Topolo again. It was a relatively crowded place with a few other solo Fighters that had the same idea as us. Accomplishments for tonight were reaching the maximum stance level for Mighty Cruz and reaching 10% in experience (aka level 101). She was the first to reach it intentionally and the third to reach it overall. Fortunately, the Ruffians, Villains, Cutthroats, and Hoodlums still appear as yellow so we will mostly likely visit Topolo again.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Helping others level

Tonight, we helped a fellow clanmember Slain reach level 57 for all 3 of his main family members. As a result, he was able to open the door to the to the maid's room on the first floor of Torsche Mansion. According to him, the fight was very easy. We guess the pioneer equipment could have really made a difference as we didn't have it back when we first opened the door and it took us 2 tries.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Solo in Topolo

Trained Mighty Cruz to level 19 tonight. The last skill available, Demonic Discharge, turned out to be quite useful as it hits multiple targets immediately in front and is also instantly activated. Using it in combination with Sharp Scythe easily clears a crowd of targets. Still need someone to test Savage Hash on though. At level 8, it does 2337% attack and lowers the target's defense by 40.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mighty Cruz & Mansion

Tonight, we decided give some attention to Maria, our Fighter. So far, her only use was to be the family's main defender. As the Defender stance does not deal sufficient damage, we got the Mighty Cruz stance for her. Fortunately, we had enough Explorer Memos to give to the researcher at Bahamar camp to exchange for the stance book. We attempted to level her new stance in Skeleton Nest but the knock downs by the Skeleton Lancers became annoying so we moved to Topolo Durga. At the moment, our Mighty Cruz stance level is 13 and the skills available so far are quite impressive.

For the second part of our evening, we helped a fellow clanmember Slania train one of his family members to level 55. We gave him a tour of Torsche's Mansion and actually did encounter a few other families there. Of note was a Vladimir spinelle that someone dropped in one of the hallways.

State of the economy

Mysterious Powder
  • Range: 1,600,000 - 2,080,000
  • Median: 1,600,000 Mostly by an anonymous family
Pure Otite
  • Range: 2,800,000 - 3,450,000
  • Median: 3,100,000
Treasure Core
  • Range: 190,000 - 200,000
  • Median: 198,000
Upgrade Accelerator
  • Range: 2,000,000 - 2,250,000
  • Median: 2,100,000 Mostly by Celosia and an anonymous family
Enchant Booster
  • Range: 1,800,000 - 3,000,000
  • Median: 2,199,999
Level 84 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 880,000 - 1,500,000
  • Median: 950,000 (estimated)
Level 92 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 2,700,000 - 4,500,000
  • Median: 3,000,000
Level 100 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 19,300,000 - 20,000,000
  • Median: 19,800,000

Overall, many items became cheaper this week compared to last week with the exception being the Level 84 Enchantment Chips. We also noticed that there were quite a few anonymous families selling bazaar items are the lower end of the price range.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Tonight, someone declared war on our clan. It's the .HeaveN. clan and there is only one member in it, -LonelyWolf-. That person's clan is Republican and hence we should be able to attack each other should we ever meet. However, last we checked, they're hiding in their barracks.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thoughts & compliment

Tonight, we received our first in-game compliment via Deslicer of the GreatJustice clan. It inspires us to try to think of more interesting locations to take pictures of and more topics to write about.

Training of Eloise the Elementalist's Domination Ice is still ongoing. Currently at stance level 17, we can see that at level 18, the stance will give +7 SP. This got us thinking of training our Domination Fire and Domination Lightning stances before the level differences are too great. Checking our warehouse, we have two mediocre level 84 Elite Fire bracelets and one of our family members have ran off with our only level 84 Elite Lightning bracelet. We suspect Vincent and will have to bring him in for interrogation sometime.

Looking at the market, there were a few interesting level 100 bracelets but even the least expensive one was in the range of 40 million. The most expensive one was at least 200 million. We also looked at the elite level 84 bracelets for bargains but the pickings were very slim. This got us thinking that we should use our Veteran Polishers to exchange for one bracelet of each element. However, we currently only have 2 level 100 Enchantment chips and each exchange also requires 5 Mysterious Powders. At current market prices, that would mean that each exchange will require about 25 million (15 + 5 * 2) vis. It's not cheap but still less than what's on the market. Finally, there is also the matter of picking which element (pick at most 2 of 3) so we'll hold off on the exchange until we get a definite answer.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Skeleton's Nest

We spent another evening at Skeleton's Nest tonight and managed to gain 2 levels of Domination Ice such that it is level 15 now. As we now save Cores for more hectic situations, we started trying out some of the Ambers we've collected. Of note was the Diseased Capybara Amber which created a little rodent with bad breath that regularly did 3854 and 4152 damage on the poor skeletons with a kick from its stubby legs. Just when we thought that was the highest damage value we've ever seen, the Diseased Capybara surprised us with a critical attack that dealt 7709 damage.

Another thing of note was that we saw a level 1 baron CashWang (of the TheOne clan) who was flaying through the map and channels but yet ignored all the families there. We're guessing that they were searching for someone or a specific group of people in particular.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Evening's activities

The the one and a half hours active tonight, we had our Elementalist Eloise train her Domination Ice stance on the skeletons of Skeleton Nest. It seemed like a nice place for a low level Veteran to train their stances as there are hordes of skeletons and they don't do much damage individually. We were even tempted to spend the night there but decided against it. It'll take many more days before she perfects her stance and then it will be on to Domination Lightning and Domination Fire.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Market prices in Bristia

We'll do the sampling on Sunday night instead of Monday as there should be more families active and hence more listings on the market.
Mysterious Powder
  • Range: 1,600,000 - 2,450,000
  • Median: 2,350,000 by ToFu-Family. Prices have definitely risen over the past week for this commodity. As a result, everything else seems cheaper by comparison.
Pure Otite
  • Range: 3,200,000 - 3,500,000
  • Median: 3,300,000 by Lemar (then a cross symbol, either † or ✝, maybe ☨). Earlier today, we even saw Pure Otite being list at the same price as Mysterious Powder.
Treasure Core
  • Range: 200,000 - 210,000 Tight range with lots of items
  • Median: 200,000 It's been at this level for several days now
Upgrade Accelerator
  • Range: 3,000,000 - 5,000,000
  • Median: 3,000,000 by DONTdoIT
Enchant Booster
  • Range: 2,350,000 - 3,599,999
  • Median: 2,400,000 The odd thing tonight was that there were 4 anonymous entries listing over 1100 items between 2,300,000 to 2,600,000. Seems very suspicious which may be why the seller(s) chose to be anonymous.
Level 84 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 799,999 - 850,000
  • Median: 800,000
Level 92 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 2,999,999 - 4,000,000
  • Median: 3,750,000 Mostly between DalVantiez and aznpridenigka
Level 100 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 17,999,999 - 20,000,000
  • Median: about 19 million

We also took a peek at the prices of some rarer objects tonight.
Mystery Box - 70 million by The_Ender. This family apparently still has a bunch of boxes left.
Karjalain Box - 4 million by Xultair
Andre's Box - 20 million by Xultair. Perhaps this is expensive due to the possibility of getting the Plate Mail costume?
Ring Box - About 24 million
High Quality Ruby
  • Range: 4,800,000 - 5,750,000
  • Median: 5,000,000 These seemed to have become cheaper since we've last checked many months ago. Guess people aren't buying as much to create the Elite Platemail.
High Quality Sapphire
  • Range: 7,000,000 - 10,000,000
  • Median: 9,000,000 People are probably buying these to create the Elite Striform as there are so many sharpshooters wandering about.
High Quality Emerald
  • Range: 490,000 - 2,000,000
  • Median: 2,000,000 This poor gem seems unloved as there's so few wizards to craft outfits for.


Today, we realized that we no longer have a clear goal. Down to our last Veteran Promotion scroll, we can promote one more family member or we could start the very long path toward Expert. For members that we could promote to Veteran, we have the following options:
  • Captain Adelina - Currently level 72. At Veteran, should will be able to learn the Low Guard stance. However, getting a good sabre might prove expensive. On the other hand, we could stick with a Veteran Ancestral Sabre.
  • Vincent - Currently level 84. He has some sort of Veteran stance. Last summer, we originally planned to promote him to Veteran but was unable to meet the deadline. He isn't very fun to command and we very rarely see other families use him. We also currently don't have a spare Mysterious Steel Piece to make him an Elite level 92 musical instrument.
  • Romina - Currently level 95. We also originally planned to promote her to Veteran but she doesn't have any Veteran stances. Might be useful for raids but we haven't been to one in many months.
  • Emilia - Currently level 95. We didn't purposely level her up. She just came along for the ride while other family members leveled up. She does have a Veteran wizard stance which is sort of an incentive to promote her.
  • Soso - Currently level 62. We don't have a Veteran martial artist yet so it might be fun to use one.
  • Lisa - Currently level 60. If she reaches Veteran status, she will be able to learn the Raid Assault stance. However, we don't see any cases we would use her though.
  • Catherine - Currently level 61. A popular character to promote to Veteran, we wonder if we should join the crowd.
  • Eduardo - Currently level 60 (we think). We've underutilized him and might bring him out of the barracks to prove himself.
  • Other - We still have a bunch of other lower level family members that we could concentrate on, plus we always have room for more people to join our family.

If not concentrating on making the last Veteran, we have the following family members that we could concentrate on getting to Expert.
  • Maria the Fighter - The Fighter is said to be the easily to get to Expert.
  • Florence the Scout - The Scout will undoubtedly go along for the ride with whichever character on the path.
  • Iris the Musketeer - The Musketeer seems to be a popular character to get to Expert.
  • Eloise the Elementalist - We've heard that Expert Elementalist are rare and scary.
  • Louise the Wizard - We don't know too much about Expert Wizards.
  • Grace - If she reaches Expert, it will probably be accidental.
  • Calypso - She probably need to be Expert in order to stand a chance against other families.
  • Viki - If Viki reaches Expert, it will probably be accidental.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Veteran Viki

Tonight, our Viki reached Veteran status and our base Family Level increased to 21. For which of Viki's attributes to improve, we chose Charm as it is said to help with this summons.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Websites of various clans

While noticing some of the clan advertisement broadcasts, we decided to make a list of clan websites that we've heard of:

Devil's Horsemen
Soul Society

Unfortunately, these sites tend not to be updated often but it's still interesting to look at.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Exploration again

Getting sick of the dark steamy underground of Skeleton Nest, we went above ground and explored the jungles of Ustier 4. During the trip, we actually stumbled upon something new, the Exploration Memorial, which was not shown on the map. Their experience cards give 100,000 experience points each. We also managed to hunt down a Spino Skull as a trophy and saw the plains and mountains beyond the edge of our world. Perhaps someday in the distant future, our world will expand and we will gain access to those areas.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Evening's activities

Another typical 2 hour evening in Skeleton's Nest tonight. Calypso's Sagitta stance reached level 22 and we wonder if the area of effect for its normal attacks have gotten larger. It seemed that more skeletons were falling down per shot. Viki reached level 95 and have used at least a dozen Hill Giant Cores. We're still holding on to our Treasure Cores as they seem to be rare on the market and are being listed at 300,000 a piece. Maybe we'll use them in a Forgotten Area sometime as we no longer have a need to raise vis.

We saw the Kichigai family using a levitating Emilia the Sage to defeat the skeletons. It seemed like a pretty good area and brought back memories of when our wizard Louise would constantly levitate to defeat skeletons. However, it tended to be expensive as many soul potions needed to be consumed to refill SP, the fuel for flight and skills. Perhaps one day in the future, we'll send our wizard Louise by herself to face the skeletons.

We also saw someone using a Catherine down in Skeleton's Nest. Their name is unpronounceable as it contained embedded special characters. In any case, it seemed like a good idea to bring Catherine down there sometime as we have thousands of Toolboxes getting rusty in our inventory. However, seeing all those dolls being defeated easily by the hordes of skeleton lancers changed our minds.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Discovering Viki's usefulness

Tonight, we decided to change our Skeleton Nest team to be Calypso, Viki, and Romina rather than Calypso, Viki, and Musketeer. The reason was that Romina is rather close to Veteran status and will reach it before Viki if they were paired together. Unfortunately, our Romina is a very slow shooter with a speed in the mid 190s. This made it difficult to do the routine earlier as the skeletons tended to bunch up. That Covering Fire has a smaller radius, is slower, and require more distance than Barrage Shot did not help either. Fortunately, we had some large amount of unsold Treasure Cores in our inventory.

Deciding to test it, we picked a large empty area in one of the channels and had Viki summon the Treasure Golem. As Viki was of comparable level to the skeletons, the Treasure Golem was able to deal out massive damage along with absorbing any attacks that the skeletons dealt. Immediately, the side was turned as there wasn't much that our team had to do. In fact, it became abit boring. The Treasure Golem was able to accumulate more than 200 kills of Skeleton Warriors within 15 minutes but we had to wait until the summon counter ran out before visiting the Memorial Statue to turn in the quest.

Looking for action, we headed back to Port Coimbra and retrieved our other cores from our warehouse. Saving the Treasure Cores to be sold later, we tested out the Hill Giant Cores and found them to be quite adequate in defeating the skeletons. Our team did require some effort to defeat the skeletons but the Hill Giant came in handy with its area of effect attacks. If a bunch of skeletons were bunching up and the Hill Giant decided not to slap its hand, we had Calypso perform a Bust Shot to clear the area. One thing we did notice was that the skeletons ignored our Hill Giant but gathered up to attack our Treasure Golem.

Monday, April 13, 2009

State of the economy of Bristia

Mysterious Powder (100 items divided across 3 entries)
  • 1,600,000 - All listed by ToFu-Family

Pure Otite

  • Min - 3,000,000
  • Max - 3,500,000
  • Median - 3,500,000

Treasure Core

  • Min - 139,000
  • Max - 145,000
  • Median - 140,000

Upgrade Accelerator

  • Min - 2,400,000
  • Max - 3,150,000
  • Median - 2,400,000 Mostly by det0nat0r with 500 listed. Hinh comes at second with 205 listed across 3 entries.

Enchant Booster

  • Min - 2,200,000
  • Max - 2,700,000
  • Median - 2,600,000

Level 84 Enchantment Chip

  • Min - 550,000 Only 1 item listed at this price though
  • Max - 999,999
  • Median - 800,000 Estimated as there were so many entries. A bulk of items seemed to be listed between 750k and 850k.

Level 92 Enchantment Chip

  • Min - 2,900,000
  • Max - 3,300,000
  • Median - 3,100,000 Mostly sold by pqpqpqpqpqpq who has 6 listed.

Level 100 Enchantment Chip

  • Min - 17,999,999
  • Max - 20,000,000
  • Median - 18,000,000 Mostly by Nelo_Angelo

Evening's activities

We spent our 2 hours of time tonight in Skeleton's Nest. We're getting the handle of the routine mentioned earlier and can easily defeat 200 Skeleton Warriors (and a whole bunch of stragglers) in less than 10 minutes. As a result, our Viki received quite a few Experience Cards and is close to reaching level 94. However, our achievement tonight was getting Calypso's Sagitta stance to level 20 which enables the last skill of that stance. We haven't had a chance to test it out as it requires 10 Magical Orbs but perhaps someday we will.

We did see a baron family in Skeleton's Nest tonight but they seemed to be targeting families selectively. Going back the way they came, we noticed the family of a particular clan were alive while another other was down. We didn't get a good look at the baron's name as there were too many skeletons running besides them but we think they belonged to the same clan as the family that was left alive.

A funny thing happened while running through the same dungeon but on a different channel. We saw the Deslicer, the leader of the clan GreatJustice, down on the ground and thought "poor guys, they were just broadcasting a few minutes ago and must have been overwhelmed while briefly AFK". To our hair raising surprise, they spoke and we were reminded of this.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Katovic region

Today, we spent the day in Katovic Snowfields and Frozen Plains with our fellow clan members Raidmax and HouseoftheSouls. The first picture shows one of the families using a flying wizard, flying Emilia The Sage, and flying M'boma which is quick an effective combination in these maps. Interesting drops include a bunch of Mega Aidanium, Cabbage, Golden Apple, and Beets. There were also a whole bunch of other things that we do not know the use for. Perhaps the rescue knight at the camp in Katovic Snowfields might shed some clue.

Day's activities

Calypso, Viki, and our musketeer Iris spent the day in Skeleton Nest again. The main purpose was to level up Calypso's Sagitta stance with a side benefit of leveling Viki and leveling the last few levels of Iris' Sightshot stance. Once Calypso reached level 16 for Sagitta and the Bust Shot skill became available, Skeleton Nest became much easier. Our routine became as so:
  1. Run through a wide area and attract a long train of skeletons.
  2. As our Calypso runs faster than all others, start casting Bust Shot when she reaches the target.
  3. By the time Calypso is jumping in the air, our other team members and the long train of skeletons would have arrived and within radius of the skill. About 15 of the skeletons would be defeated by the skill. As the radius of the skill is so wide, it almost always catches skeletons that were not part of the train.
  4. The train of skeletons usually contains more than 15 skeletons so we have Iris cast Barrage Shot to take out as much of the leftover as possible.
It difficult to take good pictures within the Skeleton Nest though, especially with all the Skeleton Lancers knocking us down, so we don't have any decent pictures of the action.

We spotted some celebrities today. The first was Gun_Runner who seemed to be working off his baron points in Skeleton Nest. It seems that he has left Ceres to go back to the clan he founded, the Devils~Horsemen clan. He was sort of bragging to another family about how TheOne has some difficultly taking him down. There is some truth to that though, at least during a Colony War early last year. However, we do not know how well people have progressed as there hasn't been a large scale Colony War since.

The second celebrity was DalVantiez who was gambling unsucessfully against Tiburon, as indicated in the picture above. I was surprised that there were 6 members in his clan.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Veteran Calypso

Today, our Calpyso gained 5 levels and was promoted to Veteran status. It took about 10 hours, all in Skeleton Nest. To reward her achievement, we presented her the Sagitta stancebook and the Elite Level 92 Battle Crossbow. It's a relatively expensive weapon on par with the level of the Skullic Bracer as it required a Mysterious Steel Piece in addition to the usual 30 Pure Otite, Pure minerals, and 3 Level 92 Enchantment Chips. Perhaps one day, we'll give her a new outfit.

The baron level 5 family standing behind our Calpyso is the Wrathworth family. They're a crazy (and not in a good way) family and the Wheel of Destiny they are currently wearing should be the permanent version. We witnessed them making it a year ago. We suspect that they are closely related to the Mordinos family who seemed to have developed a grudge again the Devils~Horsemen clan. It would explain why the Wrathworth family is no longer within that clan.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Psst... rumor

We heard a rumor tonight that the female Scout might have an Adam's apple. If true, it throws the biological sex of the female Scout into question. Asking our Scout Florence for her opinion, she stripped down and had us do an inspection. We had our Andre do the honors has he seemed knowledgeable in that area. Fortunately, we didn't seem to detect it.

Since we're inspecting our Scout, we might as well show off her Scout's Earring. It's a gold hoop that barely visible unless one looks closely. At the moment, it has no effects and is purely for decoration.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Invasion of Gigante Beach!

We received reports tonight that Gigante Beach was being invaded by hordes of spiders and Thora. Knowing that it would be deadly, we sent our toughest member, Maria, there for a look. It was a quite sight with death screams coming left and right along with the round of people being ressurected. Although the spiders posed no danger to our Maria, a pack of Thora crowded together can cause quite a bruise.
She did manage to exterminate a few of the smaller spiders but as she is mostly defense, it would have taken forever to clean up the pests. Maybe we should send in reinforcements.

State of the economy of Bristia

Mysterious Powder
  • Min - 1,550,000

  • Max - 1,700,000

  • Median - 1,650,000 Mostly sold by the ToFu-Family

Pure Otite

  • Min - 3,000,000

  • Max - 3,500,000

  • Median - 3,500,000 Mostly sold by Mullendore

Treasure Core

  • Since no one was selling, we put up a small amount for 175,000. It's actually a lower price than last week's.

Upgrade Accelerator

  • Min - 2,600,000

  • Max - 3,300,000

  • Median - 2,929,999 Mostly by fishmeat

Enchant Booster

  • Min - 2,250,000

  • Max - 2,749,999

  • Median - 2,500,000

Level 84 Enchantment Chip

  • Min - 799,999 Crazy prices this week

  • Max - 1,000,000 It might be a new record

  • Median - 900,000 There's actually a good number of listings too.

Level 92 Enchantment Chip

  • Min - 2,600,000

  • Max - 3,499,999

  • Median - 2,900,000 Estimated since we didn't want to count the dozens of seperate listings.

Level 100 Enchantment Chip

  • Min - 16,500,000

  • Max - 20,000,000

  • Median - 17,500,000 Estimated since we didn't want to count the dozens of seperate listings.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A flock of wizards

While wandering through Skeleton Nest tonight, we saw a bunch of black wings peeking from behind a mound. Upon closer inspection, we discovered that it was a bunch of identical wizards and their supporting scouts (with their identical scout outfits). We counted at least 4 different families there and none seemed to be in a clan. It was impressive sight to see them easily decimate any hordes of skeletons that dared approach.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bellem's Boxes

We brought another set of 100 Bellem's Boxes today and recorded the outcome. Interesting items from this round included a Golden Spider Spinelle and Sky Blue Dye (used in the Elite Striform recipe). As usual, the low level equipment sold for above 330k vis to the NPC, thereby recouping a third of our costs. Some of the more useful low level equipment like a boot that gives 8% movement speed were kept.
We're wondering if some levels of equipment were more common than others so we've made a graph of it. Unfortunately, we don't have enough enchantment chip drops to make a useful plot more that yet.

Joined a clan

This afternoon, we joined the Soul_Society clan due to a polite invitation from kand. We were browsing the market (as usual) when kand struck up a brief conversation.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Evening's activities

We logged on tonight and was initially surprised at how empty Port Coimbra seemed to be. It wasn't until we reached the market manager that we saw another family down the street near Emilia. We browsed the market as usual and was about to put up some of our commodities for sale when a little voice nagged. Taking that as a hint and also because no one else has put up that semi-popular commodity for sale on the market, we decided to postpone it to later in the night. We also decided to postpone cataloging what would fall out of the second set of Bellem's Boxes that we were planning to purchase tonight. The little voice's warning was right as less than an hour later, our server Bristia went offline.

As to what we did during our brief stay, we collected a few dozen more of the commodity to sell at a future date. The map was entirely devoid of people but we did see the Vandroid family drop by for a few seconds before disappearing somewhere. That family name sounded familiar but they moved too quickly before we got a chance to contact them.