Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day's activities

Calypso, Viki, and our musketeer Iris spent the day in Skeleton Nest again. The main purpose was to level up Calypso's Sagitta stance with a side benefit of leveling Viki and leveling the last few levels of Iris' Sightshot stance. Once Calypso reached level 16 for Sagitta and the Bust Shot skill became available, Skeleton Nest became much easier. Our routine became as so:
  1. Run through a wide area and attract a long train of skeletons.
  2. As our Calypso runs faster than all others, start casting Bust Shot when she reaches the target.
  3. By the time Calypso is jumping in the air, our other team members and the long train of skeletons would have arrived and within radius of the skill. About 15 of the skeletons would be defeated by the skill. As the radius of the skill is so wide, it almost always catches skeletons that were not part of the train.
  4. The train of skeletons usually contains more than 15 skeletons so we have Iris cast Barrage Shot to take out as much of the leftover as possible.
It difficult to take good pictures within the Skeleton Nest though, especially with all the Skeleton Lancers knocking us down, so we don't have any decent pictures of the action.

We spotted some celebrities today. The first was Gun_Runner who seemed to be working off his baron points in Skeleton Nest. It seems that he has left Ceres to go back to the clan he founded, the Devils~Horsemen clan. He was sort of bragging to another family about how TheOne has some difficultly taking him down. There is some truth to that though, at least during a Colony War early last year. However, we do not know how well people have progressed as there hasn't been a large scale Colony War since.

The second celebrity was DalVantiez who was gambling unsucessfully against Tiburon, as indicated in the picture above. I was surprised that there were 6 members in his clan.

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