Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Discovering Viki's usefulness

Tonight, we decided to change our Skeleton Nest team to be Calypso, Viki, and Romina rather than Calypso, Viki, and Musketeer. The reason was that Romina is rather close to Veteran status and will reach it before Viki if they were paired together. Unfortunately, our Romina is a very slow shooter with a speed in the mid 190s. This made it difficult to do the routine earlier as the skeletons tended to bunch up. That Covering Fire has a smaller radius, is slower, and require more distance than Barrage Shot did not help either. Fortunately, we had some large amount of unsold Treasure Cores in our inventory.

Deciding to test it, we picked a large empty area in one of the channels and had Viki summon the Treasure Golem. As Viki was of comparable level to the skeletons, the Treasure Golem was able to deal out massive damage along with absorbing any attacks that the skeletons dealt. Immediately, the side was turned as there wasn't much that our team had to do. In fact, it became abit boring. The Treasure Golem was able to accumulate more than 200 kills of Skeleton Warriors within 15 minutes but we had to wait until the summon counter ran out before visiting the Memorial Statue to turn in the quest.

Looking for action, we headed back to Port Coimbra and retrieved our other cores from our warehouse. Saving the Treasure Cores to be sold later, we tested out the Hill Giant Cores and found them to be quite adequate in defeating the skeletons. Our team did require some effort to defeat the skeletons but the Hill Giant came in handy with its area of effect attacks. If a bunch of skeletons were bunching up and the Hill Giant decided not to slap its hand, we had Calypso perform a Bust Shot to clear the area. One thing we did notice was that the skeletons ignored our Hill Giant but gathered up to attack our Treasure Golem.

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