Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Evening's activities

We logged on tonight and was initially surprised at how empty Port Coimbra seemed to be. It wasn't until we reached the market manager that we saw another family down the street near Emilia. We browsed the market as usual and was about to put up some of our commodities for sale when a little voice nagged. Taking that as a hint and also because no one else has put up that semi-popular commodity for sale on the market, we decided to postpone it to later in the night. We also decided to postpone cataloging what would fall out of the second set of Bellem's Boxes that we were planning to purchase tonight. The little voice's warning was right as less than an hour later, our server Bristia went offline.

As to what we did during our brief stay, we collected a few dozen more of the commodity to sell at a future date. The map was entirely devoid of people but we did see the Vandroid family drop by for a few seconds before disappearing somewhere. That family name sounded familiar but they moved too quickly before we got a chance to contact them.

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