Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Evening's activities

Another typical 2 hour evening in Skeleton's Nest tonight. Calypso's Sagitta stance reached level 22 and we wonder if the area of effect for its normal attacks have gotten larger. It seemed that more skeletons were falling down per shot. Viki reached level 95 and have used at least a dozen Hill Giant Cores. We're still holding on to our Treasure Cores as they seem to be rare on the market and are being listed at 300,000 a piece. Maybe we'll use them in a Forgotten Area sometime as we no longer have a need to raise vis.

We saw the Kichigai family using a levitating Emilia the Sage to defeat the skeletons. It seemed like a pretty good area and brought back memories of when our wizard Louise would constantly levitate to defeat skeletons. However, it tended to be expensive as many soul potions needed to be consumed to refill SP, the fuel for flight and skills. Perhaps one day in the future, we'll send our wizard Louise by herself to face the skeletons.

We also saw someone using a Catherine down in Skeleton's Nest. Their name is unpronounceable as it contained embedded special characters. In any case, it seemed like a good idea to bring Catherine down there sometime as we have thousands of Toolboxes getting rusty in our inventory. However, seeing all those dolls being defeated easily by the hordes of skeleton lancers changed our minds.

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