Monday, April 6, 2009

Invasion of Gigante Beach!

We received reports tonight that Gigante Beach was being invaded by hordes of spiders and Thora. Knowing that it would be deadly, we sent our toughest member, Maria, there for a look. It was a quite sight with death screams coming left and right along with the round of people being ressurected. Although the spiders posed no danger to our Maria, a pack of Thora crowded together can cause quite a bruise.
She did manage to exterminate a few of the smaller spiders but as she is mostly defense, it would have taken forever to clean up the pests. Maybe we should send in reinforcements.


Anonymous said...

This is the master of that event. Woot.

Deslicer said...

ppl everywhere were banding together to clear the beach, got several good drops by helping. who am i to say no to a few free 92 chips :P