Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mighty Cruz & Mansion

Tonight, we decided give some attention to Maria, our Fighter. So far, her only use was to be the family's main defender. As the Defender stance does not deal sufficient damage, we got the Mighty Cruz stance for her. Fortunately, we had enough Explorer Memos to give to the researcher at Bahamar camp to exchange for the stance book. We attempted to level her new stance in Skeleton Nest but the knock downs by the Skeleton Lancers became annoying so we moved to Topolo Durga. At the moment, our Mighty Cruz stance level is 13 and the skills available so far are quite impressive.

For the second part of our evening, we helped a fellow clanmember Slania train one of his family members to level 55. We gave him a tour of Torsche's Mansion and actually did encounter a few other families there. Of note was a Vladimir spinelle that someone dropped in one of the hallways.

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