Sunday, April 19, 2009


Today, we realized that we no longer have a clear goal. Down to our last Veteran Promotion scroll, we can promote one more family member or we could start the very long path toward Expert. For members that we could promote to Veteran, we have the following options:
  • Captain Adelina - Currently level 72. At Veteran, should will be able to learn the Low Guard stance. However, getting a good sabre might prove expensive. On the other hand, we could stick with a Veteran Ancestral Sabre.
  • Vincent - Currently level 84. He has some sort of Veteran stance. Last summer, we originally planned to promote him to Veteran but was unable to meet the deadline. He isn't very fun to command and we very rarely see other families use him. We also currently don't have a spare Mysterious Steel Piece to make him an Elite level 92 musical instrument.
  • Romina - Currently level 95. We also originally planned to promote her to Veteran but she doesn't have any Veteran stances. Might be useful for raids but we haven't been to one in many months.
  • Emilia - Currently level 95. We didn't purposely level her up. She just came along for the ride while other family members leveled up. She does have a Veteran wizard stance which is sort of an incentive to promote her.
  • Soso - Currently level 62. We don't have a Veteran martial artist yet so it might be fun to use one.
  • Lisa - Currently level 60. If she reaches Veteran status, she will be able to learn the Raid Assault stance. However, we don't see any cases we would use her though.
  • Catherine - Currently level 61. A popular character to promote to Veteran, we wonder if we should join the crowd.
  • Eduardo - Currently level 60 (we think). We've underutilized him and might bring him out of the barracks to prove himself.
  • Other - We still have a bunch of other lower level family members that we could concentrate on, plus we always have room for more people to join our family.

If not concentrating on making the last Veteran, we have the following family members that we could concentrate on getting to Expert.
  • Maria the Fighter - The Fighter is said to be the easily to get to Expert.
  • Florence the Scout - The Scout will undoubtedly go along for the ride with whichever character on the path.
  • Iris the Musketeer - The Musketeer seems to be a popular character to get to Expert.
  • Eloise the Elementalist - We've heard that Expert Elementalist are rare and scary.
  • Louise the Wizard - We don't know too much about Expert Wizards.
  • Grace - If she reaches Expert, it will probably be accidental.
  • Calypso - She probably need to be Expert in order to stand a chance against other families.
  • Viki - If Viki reaches Expert, it will probably be accidental.

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Snowhusky said...

expert fighter! they're fun :D

and I have 2 expert eles, but they are expensive to get really good bracelets (lvl100 only + chips). Mainly I use them for raids.