Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Skeleton's Nest

We spent another evening at Skeleton's Nest tonight and managed to gain 2 levels of Domination Ice such that it is level 15 now. As we now save Cores for more hectic situations, we started trying out some of the Ambers we've collected. Of note was the Diseased Capybara Amber which created a little rodent with bad breath that regularly did 3854 and 4152 damage on the poor skeletons with a kick from its stubby legs. Just when we thought that was the highest damage value we've ever seen, the Diseased Capybara surprised us with a critical attack that dealt 7709 damage.

Another thing of note was that we saw a level 1 baron CashWang (of the TheOne clan) who was flaying through the map and channels but yet ignored all the families there. We're guessing that they were searching for someone or a specific group of people in particular.

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