Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thoughts & compliment

Tonight, we received our first in-game compliment via Deslicer of the GreatJustice clan. It inspires us to try to think of more interesting locations to take pictures of and more topics to write about.

Training of Eloise the Elementalist's Domination Ice is still ongoing. Currently at stance level 17, we can see that at level 18, the stance will give +7 SP. This got us thinking of training our Domination Fire and Domination Lightning stances before the level differences are too great. Checking our warehouse, we have two mediocre level 84 Elite Fire bracelets and one of our family members have ran off with our only level 84 Elite Lightning bracelet. We suspect Vincent and will have to bring him in for interrogation sometime.

Looking at the market, there were a few interesting level 100 bracelets but even the least expensive one was in the range of 40 million. The most expensive one was at least 200 million. We also looked at the elite level 84 bracelets for bargains but the pickings were very slim. This got us thinking that we should use our Veteran Polishers to exchange for one bracelet of each element. However, we currently only have 2 level 100 Enchantment chips and each exchange also requires 5 Mysterious Powders. At current market prices, that would mean that each exchange will require about 25 million (15 + 5 * 2) vis. It's not cheap but still less than what's on the market. Finally, there is also the matter of picking which element (pick at most 2 of 3) so we'll hold off on the exchange until we get a definite answer.

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