Saturday, April 11, 2009

Veteran Calypso

Today, our Calpyso gained 5 levels and was promoted to Veteran status. It took about 10 hours, all in Skeleton Nest. To reward her achievement, we presented her the Sagitta stancebook and the Elite Level 92 Battle Crossbow. It's a relatively expensive weapon on par with the level of the Skullic Bracer as it required a Mysterious Steel Piece in addition to the usual 30 Pure Otite, Pure minerals, and 3 Level 92 Enchantment Chips. Perhaps one day, we'll give her a new outfit.

The baron level 5 family standing behind our Calpyso is the Wrathworth family. They're a crazy (and not in a good way) family and the Wheel of Destiny they are currently wearing should be the permanent version. We witnessed them making it a year ago. We suspect that they are closely related to the Mordinos family who seemed to have developed a grudge again the Devils~Horsemen clan. It would explain why the Wrathworth family is no longer within that clan.

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