Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tonight's activities

Tonight, our Captain Adelina (aka Adelina the Pirate) reached level 90 and have thus graduated from El Canon de Diablolica. It had been a long tedious session like the past but it has been an enriching one. Starting the day after tomorrow, it's to Skeleton Nest we go.

State of the economy

Mysterious Powder
  • Range: 1,795,000 - 2,225,000
  • Median: 1,899,999
Pure Otite
  • Range: 3,300,000 - 4,000,000
  • Median: 4,000,000
Treasure Core
  • Range: 170,000 - 200,000
  • Median: 170,000
Upgrade Accelerator
  • Range: 2,800,000 - 2,900,000
  • Median: 2,900,000
Enchant Booster
  • 2,599,999 - 429 items listed by Hinh
Level 84 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 900,000 - 2,000,000
  • Median: 900,000 mostly by Aidsengel
Level 92 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 3,450,000 - 4,000,000
  • Median: 3,899,999
Level 100 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 16 mil - 16.5 mil
  • Median: 16.2 mil mostly by Kings23
It is obvious that some items have lowered in price this week. Either that or it could be that we are taking a snapshot on a Tuesday (mid week) rather than on a Sunday or Monday (ends of the week). Fortunately, we just finished our last listing of Treasure Cores tonight and have also finished looking for inexpensive Pure Otite as of yesterday.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend activities

We haven't gone out adventuring much this weekend, mostly due to this. However, in the brief time we were active, we:
  • Got our Captain Adelina to level 88. Only 12 more levels to go before we can see how Low Guard works. It might also be time for her to graduate from El Canon and into Skeleton Nest.
  • Collected the 29th Pure Otite of the current set. It'll be a present for Adelina if she managed to get promoted to Veteran. These Pure Otite were all collected via the Market. We still need 1 more to complete the set but fortunately, we have lots of time to do it.
  • Congratulated Slania for become a Vice of our clan.
  • Witness out very first internal clan drama, at least for our current clan. It was between two families and reminded us of an old couple having an argument and then making up. We mention the "couple" part because it seemed to be focused on one direction rather than going back and forth. We won't mention anymore in case this entry is being read.
  • We also thought about training Vincent Rio as he is already at level 84 and can be a great asset in squad activities. Then we thought about how often we were in a squad and the idea died down. However, it's not a completely dead idea as we are still curious about the quest to obtain his unique Veteran stance.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fire Island

We visited Fire Island 100K for about half an hour tonight. There was already a dead family there so it wasn't our fault. Within that short amount of time, we gained a few percentage points in experience and no items. Hence, it was a waste of resources. We also noticed that Fire Island seemed particularly sparse as we only passed by 1 other family on to way to the end of the 100k area.

Afterwards, we visited our usual spot by ourselves and trained our Adelina 50% to level 86 within the span of an hour.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Offensive clan name

The big news for tonight was a new clan by the name of DEAD_N(insert offensive name here, rhymes with trigger)S. As it was so offensive, at least two clans declared war on it. We saw the war declarations from the_13th clan and the Rize clan but we also think the Infection clan joined in too. We tried to look up the profile of the offensive clan but partyprofile was uncooperative. We did however catch the name of one of it's clan members and that is Andertherus. In the sort of humorous in the way that the offensive clan's name was constantly mentioned in the broadcasts and then in the war declaration broadcasts (5 times per declaration).

Sunday, May 17, 2009

State of the economy

Mysterious Powder
  • Range: 2 - 2.3 million
  • Median: 2.05 million by Hamsung
Pure Otite
  • Range: 3.75 - 3.85 million
  • Median: 3.75 million by HokHui
Treasure Core
  • Single entry of 200K by us
Upgrade Accelerator
  • Range: 3.2 - 3.8 million
  • Median: 3.4 million by Hamsung
Enchant Booster
  • Range: 2,800,000 - 3.149,999
  • Median: 2,999,999
Level 84 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 950K - 1.0 million
  • Median: 999,999
Level 92 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 3.4 - 3.6 million
  • Median: 3.6 million
Level 100 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 17.4 - 18 million
  • Median: 18 million by Nelo_Angelo

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day's activities

We spent the morning and afternoon in El Canon de Diablolica today. Our original goal was to train our Adelina (the Pirate) and we did manage to get her up to level 82. Along the way, we attracted more and more clan members into our squad. By the time we left in the early evening, we were defeating hostiles so quickly that we were completing the quarry and memorial statue quests within a few minutes.

Clan Leader fatigue?

This afternoon, our clan's leader realwarrior abruptly resigned his position and left the clan. We think his parting words were that he was tired of the "mourning and sadness" and that we may have better luck with his replacement. As his whispers are blocked, we were unable to get a better answer out of him. We do wonder what happened though as whatever transpired was not displayed in the clan channel.

We are guessing that at least one of members must have been complaining about the lack of clan activities. We assumed this because around noontime, we were requested to farm for the Key to Hell Valley. However, after a few hours in, that plan was abruptly canceled in favor of meeting in Capybara Dungeon in an hour for something. Unfortunately, it was before that hour was up that he resigned.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Another evening in El Canon

We spent another evening in El Canon tonight. However, this time we were joined by a fellow clan member Slania. We toured the place and encountered a family by the name of Diesel (perhaps a misspelling) who mentioned that they were hallucinating floating red boxes. Knowing that it wasn't a hallucination, we pointed out that we could see a single floating red box high in the sky but couldn't see any on the ground. We joked that it was an Unidentified Flying Object.

From past experience, we had memorized the location of one of the floating red boxes on the ground. Although we both couldn't see it, we could still feel it as we couldn't enter that empty space on the ground but could walk around it. This is one of the unsolved mysteries of our world.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Devil's Whisper

Tonight, we got our first Devil's Whisper and it was from El Canon Diablolica. It turned out to be an ingredient for an elite level 84 polearm and an elite level 84 staff. Unfortunately, we did not have a M'Boma of a sufficient level to take advantage of it.

For the past few days, we've been playing for about an hour or two per day. Most of that time was spent training our Adelina (the Pirate) in El Canon. While using the Freestyle stance, she turned out to be able to survive well even though we was only level 74 at the time. Perhaps it's due to the evasion that the stance gave.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


When we journeyed from our barracks tonight, we were surprised to find a few new families in our squad. One of them, by the name of Nagimatsu, even ran out of bullets while in ALM. They had spent all their vis earlier on the warp node to get to Tetra Ruins earlier and as a result, was too strapped for vis to restock. That just breaks our hearts, so doing his civic duty, our Coimbra Trooper donated 10,000 vis from us to them.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

State of the economy

Mysterious Powder
  • Single entry of 1,700,000
Pure Otite
  • Range: 3,790,000 - 4,000,000
  • Median: 3,900,000 Mostly by BigDie
Treasure Core
  • Single entry of 200,000
Upgrade Accelerator
  • Range: 2,599,999 - 2,999,000
  • Median: 2,899,999
Enchant Booster
  • Range: 2,500,000 - 2,700,000
  • Median: 2,700,000 Almost all by DragonLordsRule with nearly 380 listed.
Level 84 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 940,000 - 1,100,000
  • Median: 997,111
Level 92 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 3,411,111 - 3,800,000
  • Median: 3,500,000
Level 100 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 16,971,111 - 18,500,000
  • Median: 18,500,000

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day's activities

The only activity of interest today was being able to level together in a squad with fellow clan members. It's been a while since we had a squad of 4 families. We wonder if tonight's colony war will be as interesting as last weekend. We have our doubts but the only way to find out is to wait till tonight. It seems that the families taken into captivity a few days ago are getting antsy. At least one has threatened to call for legal help.

Also of note in the forum was that we were able to fulfill the 1000 page thread. It took a little less than 11 months but was worth was effort as the thread was almost like a long conversation.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Night of Crafting

Tonight, we spent just about all our vis to purchase robe recipes and High Quality Emeralds for our Andre to craft. By the end of the night, the following were made:
  • Elite Alegrias - Total vis spent was about 6 million. This particular robe seems to be popular as a complete Elite Alegrias was being listed for 25 million on the market and the other recipes were listed between 7 million and 10 million. We were lucky to buy one for 5 million. The reason for its popularity might be due to the innate +5% HP bonus.
  • Elite Elementalist - Total vis spent was about 3 million. We saw a completed Elite Elementalist being listed on the market for about 12 million. We haven't tested this one yet but we're guessing the resistances are relatively good.
  • Elite Robe of Uranus - Total vis spent was about 2 million. This one should have good lightning resistance.
Thus our collection of elite level 84 robes is complete as we already have the fire and ice robes. We'll have to enchant and try out some of these robes sometime. Fortunately, we can have Mia Karjalain, Vincent Rio, and our elementalist Eloise to try these out. Perhaps we'll have have M'Boma and maybe even Andre himself wear some of these.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Interesting ideas for screenshots

A recent comment got us thinking of interesting ideas for pictures.
  • Royalist crackdown - Have a whole bunch of Reboldeaux soldiers crowd into the Republican embassy in Auch and do embarrassing poses with the people there. Finding enough soldiers might be an issue though as they are not as popular as Catherine.
  • Republican rebellion - Have a whole bunch of Auch infantries crowd into the Queen's room in Reboldeaux.
  • Flirting with Lisa - Have a bunch of Coimbra Troopers crowd around Lisa's restaurant as she gives away those cards so freely.
  • Visiting home - A mass gathering of Catherines in Dr. Torsche's study. Shows what happens when robots are mass produced. This one might be possible with some organization as there are enough families with various Catherine models to make it interesting.
  • Ustier expedition - Not as interesting but maybe a whole bunch of Rescue Knights and Romina hunting dinosaurs in Ustier? Would be fun if some family brought along their Grenmah.
Can't think of other plausible scenarios though as the other people are biologically unique.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Greed may be their downfall

Reports have come in today that several prominent families have been jailed (banned). It is unknown how many other families have been taken in to custody. Although what they were charged with is unknown, a common theme may be that they were in possession of a large amount of Elemental Jewels (perhaps any amount over 70). As each Elemental Jewel may be worth 10 million vis, the amount of vis that these families are potentially holding are mind boggling. Perhaps the royal government is cracking down on tax evasion, monopolies, and other unlawful means accumulating wealth.

State of the economy

Mysterious Powder
  • Range: 1,700,000 - 1,750,000
  • Median: 1,700,000
Pure Otite
  • 3,500,000
Treasure Core
  • 200,000 by CrazyCanuck
Upgrade Accelerator
  • Range: 2,395,000 - 2,495,000
  • Median: 2,399,999
Enchant Booster
  • Range: 1,950,000 - 2,700,000
  • Median: 1,950,000
Level 84 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 920,000 - 999,111
  • Median: 999,111
Level 92 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 3,299,999 - 3,500,000
  • Median: 3,450,000
Level 100 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 17 million - 19 million
  • Median: 18 million

Soldier Girls

Tonight, we played with the soldier girls as they seemed so rare. We dared them to reach the end of Porta Bello Hold and back. They were able to do it in about 2 hours as they had to fight through hordes of sea creatures and zombies. Along the way, we had a chance to admire the uniforms that they were wearing.

The Reboldeaux soldier is the only character that has a cape, and it's bright red. With thigh high boots and gloves reaching past the elbows, it's quite an exotic look. Her metallic bronze armor is also quite reflective, more than the silk like whites underneath it. The helmet seemed a little odd though as it seemed like the type of safety headgear which probably does make some sense in close combat.

The Auch infantry on the other hand has a pretty generic modern outfit. It makes her almost seem like this soldier or maybe these people. Not only are the buttons reflective but so is the red design on her boots. It might be fun to recruit a whole squadron of them.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Random frolic at beach

Nothing much today except some unknown stranger released some Golden Spiders on the beach as an attempted revenge on AzzazzinzCreed. By playing dead, we drew the attention of another beach goer. Soon, we were rolling in the sand.

We also had an odd level 3 family who talked about how they were level 3 and can visit Skeleton's Nest. Next thing we knew, they opened a warp gate to Skeleton's Nest and sent their level 43 family members through it. This makes them odd because they are essentially jumping to their deaths and announcing it too.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Something exciting

An exciting event happened on Bristia tonight. After many months, a clan other than TheOne and Ceres occupied a colony. In this case, Epiphany managed to take Abertal. However, they did not hold on to it long. When we visited to try to take a picture of the action, we only saw a member of Ceres and TheOne there. Abertal was later taken by Ceres.


To give Baek Ho a sparring partner, we also recruited Irawain into our family today. Here they are getting intimate at the beach. Their difference in height was quite noticeable at this point. At the moment, they are only level 32 and will be staying in Tetra for awhile.

Baek Ho

Early this morning, we recruit Baek Ho from the City of Auch. Our personal name for him is Cao Cao as his personality reminds us of him. Currently, he is in Al Quelt Morez training by himself.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Helping others & pleasant surprise

Tonight, we helped a fellow clanmember Slania reach level 60 for his main team. We leveled in Pradera and showed him the entrance to the Sacred Dungeon/Underground Relics. Fortunately, a few minutes later, someone opened that dungeon so we leveled in there until he reached his target level. As a reward and because he was a fellow clanmember, we sold him a Catherine's Pelvis for a low price 400,000 vis.

Lincourt posted a birthday congratulations on the broadcast for us tonight. Mireles followed with a congratulations too. We were pleasantly surprised. It's not our birthday tonight though but it's close. We're still guessing on how she found out and the list of suspects is small.

Family membered leveled tnought are Soso and Eduardo. We've been neglecting Eduardo ever since he joined our family and he sounded depressed and bored.