Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Interesting ideas for screenshots

A recent comment got us thinking of interesting ideas for pictures.
  • Royalist crackdown - Have a whole bunch of Reboldeaux soldiers crowd into the Republican embassy in Auch and do embarrassing poses with the people there. Finding enough soldiers might be an issue though as they are not as popular as Catherine.
  • Republican rebellion - Have a whole bunch of Auch infantries crowd into the Queen's room in Reboldeaux.
  • Flirting with Lisa - Have a bunch of Coimbra Troopers crowd around Lisa's restaurant as she gives away those cards so freely.
  • Visiting home - A mass gathering of Catherines in Dr. Torsche's study. Shows what happens when robots are mass produced. This one might be possible with some organization as there are enough families with various Catherine models to make it interesting.
  • Ustier expedition - Not as interesting but maybe a whole bunch of Rescue Knights and Romina hunting dinosaurs in Ustier? Would be fun if some family brought along their Grenmah.
Can't think of other plausible scenarios though as the other people are biologically unique.

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Deslicer said...

Kurt and Eds in los toldos
all i can think of atm