Thursday, May 7, 2009

Night of Crafting

Tonight, we spent just about all our vis to purchase robe recipes and High Quality Emeralds for our Andre to craft. By the end of the night, the following were made:
  • Elite Alegrias - Total vis spent was about 6 million. This particular robe seems to be popular as a complete Elite Alegrias was being listed for 25 million on the market and the other recipes were listed between 7 million and 10 million. We were lucky to buy one for 5 million. The reason for its popularity might be due to the innate +5% HP bonus.
  • Elite Elementalist - Total vis spent was about 3 million. We saw a completed Elite Elementalist being listed on the market for about 12 million. We haven't tested this one yet but we're guessing the resistances are relatively good.
  • Elite Robe of Uranus - Total vis spent was about 2 million. This one should have good lightning resistance.
Thus our collection of elite level 84 robes is complete as we already have the fire and ice robes. We'll have to enchant and try out some of these robes sometime. Fortunately, we can have Mia Karjalain, Vincent Rio, and our elementalist Eloise to try these out. Perhaps we'll have have M'Boma and maybe even Andre himself wear some of these.

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