Monday, May 4, 2009

Soldier Girls

Tonight, we played with the soldier girls as they seemed so rare. We dared them to reach the end of Porta Bello Hold and back. They were able to do it in about 2 hours as they had to fight through hordes of sea creatures and zombies. Along the way, we had a chance to admire the uniforms that they were wearing.

The Reboldeaux soldier is the only character that has a cape, and it's bright red. With thigh high boots and gloves reaching past the elbows, it's quite an exotic look. Her metallic bronze armor is also quite reflective, more than the silk like whites underneath it. The helmet seemed a little odd though as it seemed like the type of safety headgear which probably does make some sense in close combat.

The Auch infantry on the other hand has a pretty generic modern outfit. It makes her almost seem like this soldier or maybe these people. Not only are the buttons reflective but so is the red design on her boots. It might be fun to recruit a whole squadron of them.


Deslicer said...

don't go thinking ur the only one that uses rebo soldier though, Perplexer is planning on experting his. i dunno wat % he's at though

WW said...

Of course not, I've seen a few out there (including Vet). We should get them all together and invade the Republican embassy in Auch sometime.