Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend activities

We haven't gone out adventuring much this weekend, mostly due to this. However, in the brief time we were active, we:
  • Got our Captain Adelina to level 88. Only 12 more levels to go before we can see how Low Guard works. It might also be time for her to graduate from El Canon and into Skeleton Nest.
  • Collected the 29th Pure Otite of the current set. It'll be a present for Adelina if she managed to get promoted to Veteran. These Pure Otite were all collected via the Market. We still need 1 more to complete the set but fortunately, we have lots of time to do it.
  • Congratulated Slania for become a Vice of our clan.
  • Witness out very first internal clan drama, at least for our current clan. It was between two families and reminded us of an old couple having an argument and then making up. We mention the "couple" part because it seemed to be focused on one direction rather than going back and forth. We won't mention anymore in case this entry is being read.
  • We also thought about training Vincent Rio as he is already at level 84 and can be a great asset in squad activities. Then we thought about how often we were in a squad and the idea died down. However, it's not a completely dead idea as we are still curious about the quest to obtain his unique Veteran stance.

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