Monday, June 29, 2009

Tactics against Boneless 2

Recently, we had to perfect another tactic against Boneless as our elementalist Eloise was training Domination Ice rather than Domination Lightning. With Adelina and our Scout Florence in the same positions as before, Eloise now casts Frozen Field to blast away the surrounding skeletons. Frozen Field also has a chance of freezing Boneless. Next, Eloise starts casting Glacial Spike on Boneless which would cause her to advance towards the Boneless. After Glacial Spike is done, the next round of Frozen Field should be able to completely cover Boneless and even beyond to catch new skeletons that were previously out of range.

Next tactic to try would be using Domination Fire as Eloise has reached level 22 in Domination Ice. At level 22, all skills are maximized for both Domination Ice and Domination Lightning. Increasing their stance level further to level 25 will increase their SP recovery rate and we shall take our time with those final levels.

State of the economy

There's such a big jump in prices this week and it wasn't limited to just today either.

Mysterious Powder
  • Range: 3,089,999 - 3,300,000
  • Median: 3,089,999
Pure Otite
  • Range: 5,850,000 - 6,000,000
  • Median: 6,000,000
Treasure Core
  • Range: 310,000 - 325,000. We put a small amount at 300,000 to test to waters to see if that range of prices hold.
  • Median: 325,000
Upgrade Accelerator
  • Range: 5,000,000 - 6,000,000
  • Median: 6,000,000
Enchant Booster
  • Single entry of 3,900,000
Level 84 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 1,200,000 - 3,000,000
  • Median: 1,750,000
Level 92 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 7,000,000 - 8,999,999
  • Median: 8,900,000
Level 100 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 35 million - 50 million
  • Median: 45 million
There was actually a lot of inventory for level 92 and level 100 enchantment chips so we were surprised that their prices rose so high.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Finisher Bayonet

Today, a weapon dropped in Skeleton Nest that we never even knew existed. It was a unique bayonet called the Finisher Bayonet that has an AR of 25 and a base attack of 295. As it is a unique weapon, it comes with a set of enchantments. In this case, it was attack, attack speed, and accuracy. We had thought there was nothing other than the elite 84, normal 88, and some rare veteran bayonets out there. We will need to find or purchase some Mega Aidanium in order to trade for a Close Encounters stance book and we will also need to decide who the give the stance to.

Upgrading spree

We went on an upgrading spree today and spent about 76% of our total gold. We didn't use it all as it seemed like such a waste to gamble it away when we could save it for useful items like promotional scrolls, fesos, or maybe even an Angie. For our efforts, we managed to upgrade an elite level 84 Platemail to +6, an elite level 84 Striform to +6, and an elite level 84 Laranga e Preto to +5. It was the Larange e Preto that was really draining as we failed twice to get it to +6. We were tempted to try one last time but stopped ourselves to save some gold for future emergencies.

Friday, June 26, 2009

New funds

It turns out the funds came through the first channel after about 12 hours. We blame the bureaucracy for confusing us by claiming that the initial transaction was unsuccessful and giving vague error messages. What to buy, what to buy.... we should go on an upgrading spree.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Evening's activities

Tonight, we submitted our grant proposal and it was approved. Unfortunately, due to bureaucratic red tape, we were unable to secure a route. We'll have to find another way to get gold into the New World. Perhaps a simple card might work.

We had our Scout Florence learn Tactical Assistance tonight. As we have a decent amount of Mysterious Powders in our inventory, we may as well use it. There may be a situation in the future where the skills of Tactical Assistance would be of use. To train the newly acquire stance, we headed to Skeleton Nest Floor 3. Along the way there, we took a detour to help our faction in El Antiguo Patrimonio defeat the Republican colony.

Upon reaching Skeleton Nest, we noticed that it was easier to survive. The +1 DR Ancient bonus from El Antiguo Patrimonio made quite a difference. We easily defeated a few Boneless and completed the Boneless Memorial Quest again. One of the skeletons also dropped an Elite Level 84 Plate Mail recipe but it'll take a while before our Idge is mature enough to craft it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

La Tierra d'Amor

Tonight, we noticed something odd regarding the LTA buff while in Skeleton Nest. As written in yesterday's post, our Romina and Karjalain were promoted to veterans at the same time and therefore started at 0.00000%. When Romina's LTA buff expired, Karjalain still had 40 minutes left. This was due to not having them fight together. The strange part was that for the next 40 minutes, Romina and Karjalain gained the exact same amount of experience even though the LTA buff was only active on Karjalain. By the time, Karjalain's LTA buff expired, the amount of experience they've gained were identical as the percentage bar showed easily comparable 4 digit numbers.

Playing with spinelles

Tonight, we played with spinelles with the Redwoods and Slania families. At first, it was just Golden Spider and Thora spinelles with Redwoods. However, at one point, we decided to use up all the 107 Mystic Spinelles we had. The creatures that came out were all low leveled and disappeared before we were able to snap a good photo. It was an impressive sight but it seemed that a certain bubble-like green creature was the most common creature that appeared. We failed to catch its name as it popped like the bubbles they resembled.

The above is the view from the Slania family who has manage to snap a photo of the action. We notice from the status message that they were much luckier in drops that we were.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

10th and 11th Veterans

Tonight, we promoted Romina and Karjalain to be our 10th and 11th Veterans respectively. For Romina, we increased her Dexterity as she is the only gunner can that wear metal and for Karjalain, we increased her Strength as she attacks almost exclusively with her rapier. Unfortunately, we did not have gifts prepared for them as their promotions came so suddenly. Hopefully, they will not be home bound in the barracks.

We still have one Veteran Promotion scroll left and three contenders are in the lead to take it. The first and most likely person would be Vincent who is currently at level 84 but has an exclusive Veteran stance. The second in line would be Emilia as she is currently level 97. As we already have 2 Veteran healers, Emilia does not have a priority. Finally, lagging behind in third place would be Andre who has already reached level 100 a long time ago. Looking beyond the three leading contenders, we can see Idge and Soso not too far away.


During the past few days, we've been pondering over some questions. With 2 family members approaching level 100, we've been wondering whether to promote them to Veteran status or not. If we choose to promote them, we would have to spent a large portion of our remaining Gold in order to purchase a set of Veteran Promotion scrolls. This will close the door on purchasing another Wheel of Destiny package unless we petition our head back in the Old World for more Gold. This in turn leads to another question, whether or not to try to attempt to obtain more Gold.

In writing our grant proposal, we would have to come up with legitimate reasons for the need for more financial backing. That we have 26 days of unused Ancient Area passes, dozens of Upgrade Accelerators, even more Mysterious Powders, and countless other unused bazaar items does not help with the situation. One possible solution is to use up some of those items in an attempt to upgrade our armors to +5 or even +6 but the case for that wasn't as strong as we initially thought. We will have to ponder these questions some more.

Monday, June 22, 2009

State of the economy

Mysterious Powder
  • Range: 2.3 - 3.0 million
  • Median: 2.3 million
Pure Otite
  • Range: 4.25 million - 4.3 million
  • Median: 4.3 million
Treasure Core
  • Range: 200 - 320K
  • Median: 285K
Upgrade Accelerator
  • Range: 3.90 - 4.29 million
  • Median: 4 million
Enchant Booster
  • Range: 3.4 - 4.0 million
  • Median: 3.4 million
Level 84 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 1.4 - 1.8 million
  • Median: 1.42 million
Level 92 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 4 - 5 million
  • Median: 4.5 million
Level 100 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 30 - 35 million
  • Median: 30 million

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day's activities

Our team of Adelina the Pirate, Karjalain, and Romina spent the day on the first floor of Skeleton Nest. Our Romina is close to level 99 while our Karjalain is close to level 98. We have no immediate plans to promote them to Veteran though as we like to obtain our Veteran Promotion scrolls in packs of 3. There's also the matter of deciding which attribute of theirs to increase. For Romina, we might go with Dexterity while for Karjalain, we might go with Strength.

Highlights within the dungeon itself included forming a brief and silent squad with Sely of the Dvine Chaos clan. It's one of those squads where the other family just comes up and politely asks for a squad. We obtained a Crowood Recker recipe. It's for a level 92 Cannon that has 25 AR. Our family does not have the right person to craft or use such a weapon and even if we did, we would probably go for something else. We also obtained a recipe for a elite level 84 fire bracelet. Unfortunately, our M'Boma is not of a high enough level to craft it.

There was a brief second of excitement at La Terra de Amor earlier this evening. After we obtained the colony buff and about to step through the warp gate to Skeleton Nest, we saw a Republican wielding to an elite level 92 polearm running towards us in an attempt to attack. They were probably a second too late to take a swipe at us as we were already disappearing before their eyes when they reached us. We would've taken a picture but it was just too quick. If we could, we would've stuck our tongues out at them and teased them.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Interesting afternoon at Gigante Beach

It was a relaxing day for us today as we were tired of the darkness of Skeleton Nest and decided to spend the afternoon on Gigante Beach. While there,
  • The Legionnaire clan declared war on our clan along with Devil-May-Cry and Wiley_Coyotes clans. At least regarding the war with us, it was for fun and they had a brief skirmish with a few of our members outside of Auch. A truce was declared shortly afterwards with us.
  • The Flores clan (or rather just 00F) declared war on the ShadowMarauders and Legionnaire clans.

At the beach, we saw an interesting sight. Before our sights, a Ceres clan member aznpridenigka ran up to his fellow clan member Almagest and released a Golden Spider. The Golden Spider defeated Almagest's lower level family members but his Expert musketeer managed to take care of it. Another family, Goulds, saw what happened and spoke up, at which point, aznpridenigka continuously released Golden Spiders and little spiders on them. Eventually, aznpridenigka did it again to Almagest and we managed to snap a photo.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Encounter at La Tierra d'Amor

Tonight, one of our clan mates requested assistance to repel a Republican that was attacking them at La Tierra d'Amor. It was the perfect chance to legitimately test our Calypso so we sent her alone into La Tierra d'Amor. We were nervous at first as it was our first time sending in a lone person on a mission against other pioneers. There were even reports that the enemy's wizard was using Invisible Stalker to hide their movements but fortunately, one of our other families had a scout and was using Detection.

Eventually, their Invisible Stalker ran out and we chased them out of the map. We waited for awhile at the entrance and they eventually entered again. However, we did not attack each other and just stood their staring each other down. With a total of 7 people on our side and 3 on their side, it didn't seem like a fair fight. Fortunately, they appeared to attack first by casting Sleep and then levitating and using an AOE (probably Photon Splash).

We're not sure what happened but our Calypso was suddenly unable to use any skill involving Gunpowder shot (such as Bust Shot), nor were we able to attack them even after they starting attacking us. Fortunately, we still had Machine Gun Shot available and they were all within the target radius. They went down in less than a second and we're not entirely sure which one of us did it.

A clan mate who was there sent us a picture of what they saw. Calypso, being the sneaky assassin that she is, is not visible in the picture.


A few minutes ago, the Flores clan declared war on us. That level 50 Neutral clan is made up of only 1 member, a level 9 family named 00F. We're not sure if they are a reincarnation of the original Flores or just a copycat seeking fame. At the moment, we're leaning towards the latter as it seems so silly. In the past, the original Flores had used the name 00F in the forums but they had disappeared for months.

We saw 00F in the first floor of Skeleton Nest the other day (yesterday or the day before). There might be a chance that they will be there again. We'll be on the lookout tomorrow night and might request permission from the higher ups to attack.

Cost analysis pondering

Ever since we brought that robe the other day, we've been thinking about whether it was worth it. The following are the numbers that we've thought about and some of them are pure guesses as we haven't checked the market for their prices.

As Upgrade Accelerators (UA) are selling in excess of 4.5 million vis each, we could make a low ball estimate for 4 million by assuming that some kind soul is selling them for that cheap. Since it requires 20 UA to maximize their use in improving the probability of upgrading a high level piece of equipment, that would make each attempt worth 80 million vis. Hence, a +5 item would be worth at least 80 million due to the UA.

For +6, it would require some guesswork as we don't have access to the market at this moment to check the price of lacquer. Assuming that the price of a single lacquer is 525 gold and the price is in line with a feso rate of 1:100, a lacquer could cost 52.5 million vis. The attempt from +5 to +6 will require a minimum of 132.5 million vis worth of bazaar items. So a +6 item would be worth a minimum of 212.5 million vis (80 + 132.5). As there is a 50% chance of failure to get to +6, the minimum should really be more than that.

So our conclusion regarding upgrading is that if we see an equipment we are looking for worth less than the cost of upgrading it ourselves, then we should definitely buy it. Putting the particular equipment enchantments aside, instead of spending our 20 UA to upgrade something to +5, it may be better to sell that 20 UA on the market and use the proceeds to purchase something premade.

Taking equipment enchantments into consideration really messes with the numbers. though With level 84 enchantment chips costing at least 1 million vis, getting a particular enchantment can get really expensive. We've heard of people using at least 500 of them and still not getting the desired enchantments. We thought more about this aspect of improving equipment when we read on a posting this morning that 197 enchantment chips were used without the desired results. Assuming that the post was referring to level 80 enchantment chips and a level 80 enchantment chip is worth a third of a level 84 enchantment chip, at least 65 million vis worth of items was spent with unsatisfactory results.

Of course, if the desired items is not being sold, there would be no other choice than to attempt to make it ourselves.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tactics against Boneless

Tonight, we worked out the tactics to defeat Boneless with our current team of Adelina the Pirate, Florence the Scout, and Eloise the Elementalist. The key was to position Florence and Eloise away from Boneless' Poison skill attack. Florence heals Adelina and Eloise uses her AOE spells such as Frenzied Thunder to keep the other skeletons away. This worked so well that we managed to defeat 6 Boneless tonight and for at least 3 of them, without the use of any Healing Potions.

To our surprise, one of the Boneless dropped an Elite level 84 Earthcracker.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Frenzied Thunder and El Antiguo Patrimonio

Seeing several other members of our clan visit El Antiguo Patrimonio, we decided to visit too. The only cost would be reputation points but we can easily regain it via the Memorial Quests. It was a tough fight and many resurrection potions were used. However, we wonder how much we really contributed compared to the members of the more powerful clans such as TheOne. In any case, after one unfortunate warp to the middle of an empty floating platform (which made us use another 20 reputation points to reenter the area), we finally reached the end the touched the beacon. The reward was 24 hours of +1 AR and +1 DR for the team members that attended. Getting the reward for the other members of the family would require them to enter El Antiguo Patrimonio too.
We attempted to capture pictures of the Frenzied Thunder skill (of the Domination Lightning stance) tonight. The skeletons of Skeleton Nest were quite cooperative with this in that they gather in a nice circle around our elementalist Eloise. It's sort of funny to see the !! above their heads as they were thrown across the room.
We can't even see our elementalist in this picture as she is in the center of the chaos that is lightning. Perhaps bloom would make future pictures prettier.

Robe of Sky Demon

Tonight, we managed to purchase a +5 Level 100 Robe of Sky Demon from the market for 40 million vis and hence, we are poor again. That it is +5 gives it a DR value of 28 (27 + 1). The new appearance also makes it worthwhile as we have yet to have a closeup of this particular piece of fashion. Along with the huge knot in the back, the front has a huge slit covered by a transparent fabric. Partly shown is a garter belt with the same color as the rest of the outfit but we won't be posting a picture of what is obscured by the skirt as we'll leave that to your imagination.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Notes of the evening

This evening, we ventured into Skeleton Nest Level 3 again. However, we had a different team this time. Along with our usual Adelina the Pirate, we had our elementalist Eloise and scout Florence join in. It was a challenge as our elementalist was a favorite target of the skeletons, especially those that liked to perform knock down. Somehow, even the Skeleton Gunmen was able to knock down Eloise while she attempted to cast Frenzied Thunder, wasting 5 elemental orbs each time. The risk was worth it though as when Frenzied Thunder is cast, it is quite a sight to see. Someday, we'll take a picture but it's quite difficult to properly capture lightning.

We had to flee from the Skeleton Leader of the first floor as it kept using a knock down skill but we were able to defeat a Boneless. Unfortunately, it took a whopping 70 healing potions. We also managed to maximize Adelina's Low Guard stance.

From the conversations of our clan channel, we were reminded of the bayonet and the javelin. These were two types of weapons that we had originally planned to obtain but have since forgotten about as we concentrated on easier to obtain weapon types. From the forums, we read that the only person the bayonet was good for was Najib as the other rifle users such as the musketeers lacked the strength to properly utilize the stance skills. We'll try to be on the lookout for these rare weapon types again.

Monday, June 15, 2009

State of the economy

Mysterious Powder
  • Range: 2.4-2.5 million
  • Median: 2.5 million mostly by ToFu-Family
Pure Otite
  • Range: 4.2 - 4.33 million
  • Median: 4.2 million by Ikana
Treasure Core
  • Single entry of 350,000 by Kasanovic
Upgrade Accelerator
  • Range: 4,222,111 - 4,989,898
  • Median: 4,899,999
Enchant Booster
  • Range: 3,499,999 - 4 million
  • Median: 3.5 million by *waji1
Level 84 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 1.15 - 9.1 million (Yes, someone was selling them for several million)
  • Median: 1.24 million
Level 92 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 4.5 - 5.5 million
  • Median: 4.5 million
Level 100 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 25 - 28.1 million
  • Median: 27,555,555
Things have certainly gotten more expensive this week.

Hunting Boneless completed

Tonight, we managed to stalk and bring down our final 4 Boneless bosses to complete the hunt of 10 Boneless. The reward was 1 Exp Card (100000 exp) and 1 Adept Polisher. To our pleasant surprise, the memorial quest for Boneless is repeatable so this may be a good opportunity to replenish our supply of Adept Polishers. Before we do that though, we should head out and enjoy the fresh air as our Adelina the Pirate and our Fighter, Maria, have been continuously in Skeleton Nest for many days.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hunt for Boneless

Feeling good from our victory over Boneless last night, we went on a hunt for more Boneless this evening. However tonight, our team consisted of Adelina the Pirate and our Fighter Maria, using Low Guard and Mighty Cruz respectively. This is because our Fighter can block bullets and take our multiple skeletons in each swing. After about 4 hours, we only managed to find 2 Boneless. We'll still need 7 more to finish the Boneless entry of the Memorial Quest.

We also found a hengestone at the upper right corner of C6 in level 3 of Skeleton Nest.

One of our clan members visited Poison Yard tonight and discovered some dishonorable families. These are the families that will suddenly kick you off the squad and kill you when the boss you helped defeat is near death. The names of these backstabbers are:
Hazukarie of the Legionnaire clan
WheresWaldo of the Divine Chaos clan

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


No picture of the battle as it was intense. It all started when we continue the same team as yesterday down at the Skeleton Nest Level 3. While battling the skeletons, our wizard Lousie accidentally hit Boneless in the face and the giant floating skull chased us across all 3 channels. It wasn't an actual chase but it was quite a coincidence at it was at our spot in all 3 channels even after we ran to different spots. Eventually, Boneless's magic attacks along with the hordes of skeleton wielding greatswords and rifles managed to trap us against a wall and defeat our wizard.

With nothing to lose, we set our Adelina against Boneless and had Calypso back her up by handling the hordes of skeletons with her Sagitta stance attacks. It was a surprisingly brief fight but we did manage to win after using about 60 Healing Potions (the 2nd cheapest kind). It's fortunate there was no cooldown between potion usages and most of the potions were used by Calypso as the hordes of skeletons were swinging at her like mad. The Low Guard stance's Tearing Alternate skill was quite effective against Boneless, taking away more than a third of its health in one strike. It only took 2 uses of that skill to defeat it. Perhaps we had our sabre to thank.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Evening's activities

We started out evening tonight at Gigante Beach. As it was so empty (because someone released a Champion spinnelle there earlier), we had time to enjoy supper and read a book. We noticed that we could see the golden hoop earrings we gave our normal Adelina a long time ago. Too bad her necklace is built into her outfit. We also noticed a cute little red ribbon on her lower back that is probably meant to keep her clothes on but we wouldn't know how it works.
After the beach, we had another run at Capybara Plantation. Tonight, it was more crowded with 2 other families running around. At least one of them seemed to be actively hunting the Golden Bats. The illusion created by running over the narrow bridges over the endlessly deep chasm made for a nice effect.

Finally to cap off the evening, we visited Skeleton Nest levels 2 and 3 with a team consisting of Calypso, Adelina the Pirate, and Louise (our wizard). Without a healer, it was a challenge as the skeleton musketeers seemed to like to shoot at Calypso. However, our Adelina was slicing through the skeletons as if they were "droids" in "a galaxy far far away". That her sabre has a bright blue glow that contrasted greatly in the darkness of the Skeleton Nest as if made of energy really added to the effect. It might be fun to try to get a sabre that glow red. We know it's out there.

Last evening's short adventure

Last evening's adventures was short and sweet. Our team of Adelina, Iris (our musketeer), and Viki made a "test of courage" trip from the beginning of Capybara Plantation to the marker stone at the end of the first floor and back. It was surprisingly easy. In fact, it was even easier than if we had used our Fighter as our Adelina (using the Low Guard stance at level 17) can actually defeat the capybara and vampire bats almost as fast as Iris (using Outrage Shot). Hence, the capybara and vampire bats barely has a chance to use their knockdown and stun skills or to gang up. It worked so well that we had considered leaving them for the night but decided against it when a Golden Bat came crawling out of a side passage.

The Capybara Plantation was a quiet place last night as there was only one other family there. We did not see who they were but could hear their Catherine's dolls behind the cave wall. Perhaps they were searching for Keys or even a Mysterious Steel Piece. We were not lucky enough last night to pick up any of them though.

We also had our Baek Ho spend 15 minutes of his time to complete a set of Tetra vouchers and to submit them for 3 level 40 experience cards. We would like to get him to level 48 eventually in order for him to use his Spirit of Arange ring that is just sitting unused in our warehouse. The description of the Spirit of Arange didn't seem that impressive but we haven't actually used it yet.

The final highlight of the evening was managing to purchase a Bust Shot (of the Sagitta stance) ring off the market for about 250,000 vis. It was one of the cheapest rings on the market at the time when much of everything else was in the millions.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

State of the economy

Mysterious Powder
  • Range: 2.3 - 2.35m
  • Median: 2.35m
Pure Otite
  • Range: 3.1 - 4.0m
  • Median: 3.5m
Treasure Core
  • 200,000
Upgrade Accelerator
  • Range: 4.0 - 4.5m
  • Median: 4.35m
Enchant Booster
  • Range: 2.0 - 3.25m
  • Median: 3.25m
Level 84 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 995k - 1.35m
  • Median: 1.0m
Level 92 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 3.5m - 5.0m
  • Median: 4.0m
Level 100 Enchantment Chip
  • 18m

Costume making

This morning, our Andre made the Gladiator costume for a fellow clan member, Buchmann. The unusual part today was that I received the ingredients from another person, HouseoftheSouls, rather than directly from the client.

Veteran Adelina

Tonight, we promoted our 9th and perhaps our final Veteran. After many months, our Adelina the Pirate became a Veteran. As a reward, we presented her with the Low Guard skill book and an Elite Level 92 Sabre. She has also increased her strength by 1 such that she has 7 STR now. Unfortunately, her new sabre did not come pre-enchanted and we had to visit the Enchantment Lady in Auch to enchant it. We used only 1 level 92 enchantment chip and result was extra damage to the Undead. We suppose that might come in handy against the creatures of Skeleton Nest.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hilarious skit

This is the first skit of about 6 that I've found on YouTube about the trinity system. It's hilarious if you understand their conversation. Selva's voice is familiar but I am unable to find a definitive listing of who it belongs to. A wild guess is that it belongs to the same voice actress who voices the female warlock.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Train of thoughts for the evening

  • We're so sick of Skeleton Nest. It's so dark and dreary.
  • Our stock of Hill Giant Stones are running low. They turned out to be surprisingly useful. Guess we'll summon some other creature once we're out of Hill Giants. Perhaps the one that requires a bunch of Otites would come in useful.
  • Wonder what we'll do after Adelina. Honestly can't think of anything. Perhaps a break or vacation?
  • Should we buy some costumes or wait for the possibility of new costumes in the near future?
  • Our clan channel seems pretty quiet tonight. We're still miffed about last night and don't feel like starting a conversation. Apparently no one else felt like starting a conversation tonight either.
  • Our buddy list is almost all inactive. Wondering if they have quit permanently.
  • Oh look!, Ratridevi has logged on. :)
  • Irland has gone to Ceres? What happened with the Devils~Horsemen clan? Its current leader is inactive unfortunately.
  • Skeleton Nest is finally starting to get crowded. Time to return to the barracks for a good night's sleep.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Last evening's adventures

Last evening, our Captain Adelina gained another 70% in experience to reach level 91.4. It was a slow but steady pace at Skeleton Nest with two fellow clan members. One of them summoned a Treasure Golem and we were tempted to counter with our own but felt that it would be overkill. Even with a Hill Giant, it was more than enough firepower for us to be idling around. We didn't capture any pictures of this activity as Skeleton Nest is not a photogenic place.

The market has certainly been disrupted from the recent issues. Many items that we would normally track either had no listings or in single digit quantities. Hence, we'll skip this week's market report. There was a rumor that people are not yet able to obtain Gold and therefore, the bazaar items suddenly jumped in price. There were a few people wanting to purchase Mercenary Warrants but the only person publicly willing to sell one requested 180 million vis. There were also people offering to sell Upgrade Accelerators for 3.5 million vis each. Fortunately, we are not in need of vis or bazaar items, at least until Adelina is promoted.

Something we thought about while down at the Skeleton Nest was what to do with Adelina's armor. Currently, she is wearing a level 80 Ancestral Leather Armor. It is adequate for the current map but when she is promoted and ready to journey out to the higher level maps, she will need something better. In our entire family, the only armor better than that would be a level 84 elite Camisa de Soldado and it is currently worn by Calypso. Our original plan was for that outfit to be shared but we are now considering the Veteran Ancestral Leather Armor.

We also wondered about which boots and gloves would be appropriate. We've collected and distributed so many that we have no idea who has what. Someday, we'll need to make a catalog of our items and equipment.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Server's up

Bristia is back online tonight. Therefore, we continued training our Adelina at Skeleton Nest. By the time we finished for the night, she was 70% to level 91. While training, we thought about how to arm her for a pre-Veteran duel with a similar level Fighter (equipped with elite 84 equipment). We lack good equipment for Adelina as we don't even have a level 80 Pioneer saber and am using a level 80 Pioneer pistol in the Freestyle stance. Fortunately, fate dropped us a Helios (level 92 saber) near the end of the evening at Skeleton Nest. Combined with an elite 84 pistol, our Adelina may finally stand a chance using the Heaven & Hell stance.

This Weekend

It's almost been a full week (last was the night of Tuesday 5/26) since we've journeyed out but was unable to as the entire game and even the forums were offline. Fortunately, there were places to meet and sources of information like:
Port Coimbra
K2Guinn's Twitter
SOTNW Twitter

I was starting to doubt my commitment to this game so I started playing other MMOs again, including the one that I had spent more than a solid year on. After awhile of that, I realized that I've been spoiled rotten by this game. Although our latest technical issue of 4 days of downtime is a catastrophe and we haven't had an updates for many months, overall for the past year and a half, it has been pretty good as far as F2P MMOs go. Some of the things that I've taken for granted were:
  • Lack of lag - Even with the graphics set on high and in bloom, this game rarely lags on me. I don't know why other games with lesser graphers and less activity going on would. The type of lag I experience in some of the other games seem to be network based rather than client based.
  • Lack of disconnects/server reboot - Even worst than lag would be disconnects, especially in the middle of an activiity. Fortunately, in the event of a rare disconnect, our characters can still survive. Our server reboots are pretty rare. I didn't even realize that I took our lack of disconnects/reboots for granted until I started playing another MMO.
  • Relative cheap cash shop items - In terms of dollar to item, our cash shop items have actually gotten much cheaper than when I first started a year and a half ago. I still remember when $1 brought only 100 gold. Now we can get 13100 gold for only $30. Our costumes don't cost the equivalent of $20-$30 either (thinking of another game). Even better is that we can actually save up/earn enough vis to purchase them as they're no so far out of range to be unaffordable.
  • AFK - I don't AFK as much as some people but the ability does come in handy, especially when the need for a break arises.
  • Relative lack of spam - We only have the occasional spam on broadcast. I had forgotten that spam can truly get annoying when it fills up a chat window at such a rapid pace that non-spam messages disappear before they can be read. Many MMOs seem to suffer from that.
  • Diversity/prettiness of characters - While it's true that we can't change our character's faces, the shape of their eyes/noise/mouth isn't noticeable while playing. We have lots more detailed outfits for a great diversity of characters.
  • Fast paced - I like having hordes of mobs attack and actually be able to send them flying. Having to manually target each one and run towards them like in other MMOs gets extremely tedious.
While there are many flaws with this game including game mechanics, at least it's still fun to play for the moment. I had forgotten why I stopped playing the other MMOs until I played them again these past few days.