Tuesday, June 23, 2009

10th and 11th Veterans

Tonight, we promoted Romina and Karjalain to be our 10th and 11th Veterans respectively. For Romina, we increased her Dexterity as she is the only gunner can that wear metal and for Karjalain, we increased her Strength as she attacks almost exclusively with her rapier. Unfortunately, we did not have gifts prepared for them as their promotions came so suddenly. Hopefully, they will not be home bound in the barracks.

We still have one Veteran Promotion scroll left and three contenders are in the lead to take it. The first and most likely person would be Vincent who is currently at level 84 but has an exclusive Veteran stance. The second in line would be Emilia as she is currently level 97. As we already have 2 Veteran healers, Emilia does not have a priority. Finally, lagging behind in third place would be Andre who has already reached level 100 a long time ago. Looking beyond the three leading contenders, we can see Idge and Soso not too far away.

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