Wednesday, June 10, 2009


No picture of the battle as it was intense. It all started when we continue the same team as yesterday down at the Skeleton Nest Level 3. While battling the skeletons, our wizard Lousie accidentally hit Boneless in the face and the giant floating skull chased us across all 3 channels. It wasn't an actual chase but it was quite a coincidence at it was at our spot in all 3 channels even after we ran to different spots. Eventually, Boneless's magic attacks along with the hordes of skeleton wielding greatswords and rifles managed to trap us against a wall and defeat our wizard.

With nothing to lose, we set our Adelina against Boneless and had Calypso back her up by handling the hordes of skeletons with her Sagitta stance attacks. It was a surprisingly brief fight but we did manage to win after using about 60 Healing Potions (the 2nd cheapest kind). It's fortunate there was no cooldown between potion usages and most of the potions were used by Calypso as the hordes of skeletons were swinging at her like mad. The Low Guard stance's Tearing Alternate skill was quite effective against Boneless, taking away more than a third of its health in one strike. It only took 2 uses of that skill to defeat it. Perhaps we had our sabre to thank.

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