Friday, June 19, 2009

Cost analysis pondering

Ever since we brought that robe the other day, we've been thinking about whether it was worth it. The following are the numbers that we've thought about and some of them are pure guesses as we haven't checked the market for their prices.

As Upgrade Accelerators (UA) are selling in excess of 4.5 million vis each, we could make a low ball estimate for 4 million by assuming that some kind soul is selling them for that cheap. Since it requires 20 UA to maximize their use in improving the probability of upgrading a high level piece of equipment, that would make each attempt worth 80 million vis. Hence, a +5 item would be worth at least 80 million due to the UA.

For +6, it would require some guesswork as we don't have access to the market at this moment to check the price of lacquer. Assuming that the price of a single lacquer is 525 gold and the price is in line with a feso rate of 1:100, a lacquer could cost 52.5 million vis. The attempt from +5 to +6 will require a minimum of 132.5 million vis worth of bazaar items. So a +6 item would be worth a minimum of 212.5 million vis (80 + 132.5). As there is a 50% chance of failure to get to +6, the minimum should really be more than that.

So our conclusion regarding upgrading is that if we see an equipment we are looking for worth less than the cost of upgrading it ourselves, then we should definitely buy it. Putting the particular equipment enchantments aside, instead of spending our 20 UA to upgrade something to +5, it may be better to sell that 20 UA on the market and use the proceeds to purchase something premade.

Taking equipment enchantments into consideration really messes with the numbers. though With level 84 enchantment chips costing at least 1 million vis, getting a particular enchantment can get really expensive. We've heard of people using at least 500 of them and still not getting the desired enchantments. We thought more about this aspect of improving equipment when we read on a posting this morning that 197 enchantment chips were used without the desired results. Assuming that the post was referring to level 80 enchantment chips and a level 80 enchantment chip is worth a third of a level 84 enchantment chip, at least 65 million vis worth of items was spent with unsatisfactory results.

Of course, if the desired items is not being sold, there would be no other choice than to attempt to make it ourselves.

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