Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day's activities

Our team of Adelina the Pirate, Karjalain, and Romina spent the day on the first floor of Skeleton Nest. Our Romina is close to level 99 while our Karjalain is close to level 98. We have no immediate plans to promote them to Veteran though as we like to obtain our Veteran Promotion scrolls in packs of 3. There's also the matter of deciding which attribute of theirs to increase. For Romina, we might go with Dexterity while for Karjalain, we might go with Strength.

Highlights within the dungeon itself included forming a brief and silent squad with Sely of the Dvine Chaos clan. It's one of those squads where the other family just comes up and politely asks for a squad. We obtained a Crowood Recker recipe. It's for a level 92 Cannon that has 25 AR. Our family does not have the right person to craft or use such a weapon and even if we did, we would probably go for something else. We also obtained a recipe for a elite level 84 fire bracelet. Unfortunately, our M'Boma is not of a high enough level to craft it.

There was a brief second of excitement at La Terra de Amor earlier this evening. After we obtained the colony buff and about to step through the warp gate to Skeleton Nest, we saw a Republican wielding to an elite level 92 polearm running towards us in an attempt to attack. They were probably a second too late to take a swipe at us as we were already disappearing before their eyes when they reached us. We would've taken a picture but it was just too quick. If we could, we would've stuck our tongues out at them and teased them.

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Deslicer said...

for karj str is the way to go, already fast and her int is still fine to ohko fighters with abs0
vet pio ice brace will be good enough for her for a long time