Friday, June 19, 2009

Encounter at La Tierra d'Amor

Tonight, one of our clan mates requested assistance to repel a Republican that was attacking them at La Tierra d'Amor. It was the perfect chance to legitimately test our Calypso so we sent her alone into La Tierra d'Amor. We were nervous at first as it was our first time sending in a lone person on a mission against other pioneers. There were even reports that the enemy's wizard was using Invisible Stalker to hide their movements but fortunately, one of our other families had a scout and was using Detection.

Eventually, their Invisible Stalker ran out and we chased them out of the map. We waited for awhile at the entrance and they eventually entered again. However, we did not attack each other and just stood their staring each other down. With a total of 7 people on our side and 3 on their side, it didn't seem like a fair fight. Fortunately, they appeared to attack first by casting Sleep and then levitating and using an AOE (probably Photon Splash).

We're not sure what happened but our Calypso was suddenly unable to use any skill involving Gunpowder shot (such as Bust Shot), nor were we able to attack them even after they starting attacking us. Fortunately, we still had Machine Gun Shot available and they were all within the target radius. They went down in less than a second and we're not entirely sure which one of us did it.

A clan mate who was there sent us a picture of what they saw. Calypso, being the sneaky assassin that she is, is not visible in the picture.

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