Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Evening's activities

We started out evening tonight at Gigante Beach. As it was so empty (because someone released a Champion spinnelle there earlier), we had time to enjoy supper and read a book. We noticed that we could see the golden hoop earrings we gave our normal Adelina a long time ago. Too bad her necklace is built into her outfit. We also noticed a cute little red ribbon on her lower back that is probably meant to keep her clothes on but we wouldn't know how it works.
After the beach, we had another run at Capybara Plantation. Tonight, it was more crowded with 2 other families running around. At least one of them seemed to be actively hunting the Golden Bats. The illusion created by running over the narrow bridges over the endlessly deep chasm made for a nice effect.

Finally to cap off the evening, we visited Skeleton Nest levels 2 and 3 with a team consisting of Calypso, Adelina the Pirate, and Louise (our wizard). Without a healer, it was a challenge as the skeleton musketeers seemed to like to shoot at Calypso. However, our Adelina was slicing through the skeletons as if they were "droids" in "a galaxy far far away". That her sabre has a bright blue glow that contrasted greatly in the darkness of the Skeleton Nest as if made of energy really added to the effect. It might be fun to try to get a sabre that glow red. We know it's out there.

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