Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Frenzied Thunder and El Antiguo Patrimonio

Seeing several other members of our clan visit El Antiguo Patrimonio, we decided to visit too. The only cost would be reputation points but we can easily regain it via the Memorial Quests. It was a tough fight and many resurrection potions were used. However, we wonder how much we really contributed compared to the members of the more powerful clans such as TheOne. In any case, after one unfortunate warp to the middle of an empty floating platform (which made us use another 20 reputation points to reenter the area), we finally reached the end the touched the beacon. The reward was 24 hours of +1 AR and +1 DR for the team members that attended. Getting the reward for the other members of the family would require them to enter El Antiguo Patrimonio too.
We attempted to capture pictures of the Frenzied Thunder skill (of the Domination Lightning stance) tonight. The skeletons of Skeleton Nest were quite cooperative with this in that they gather in a nice circle around our elementalist Eloise. It's sort of funny to see the !! above their heads as they were thrown across the room.
We can't even see our elementalist in this picture as she is in the center of the chaos that is lightning. Perhaps bloom would make future pictures prettier.

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