Friday, June 12, 2009

Hunt for Boneless

Feeling good from our victory over Boneless last night, we went on a hunt for more Boneless this evening. However tonight, our team consisted of Adelina the Pirate and our Fighter Maria, using Low Guard and Mighty Cruz respectively. This is because our Fighter can block bullets and take our multiple skeletons in each swing. After about 4 hours, we only managed to find 2 Boneless. We'll still need 7 more to finish the Boneless entry of the Memorial Quest.

We also found a hengestone at the upper right corner of C6 in level 3 of Skeleton Nest.

One of our clan members visited Poison Yard tonight and discovered some dishonorable families. These are the families that will suddenly kick you off the squad and kill you when the boss you helped defeat is near death. The names of these backstabbers are:
Hazukarie of the Legionnaire clan
WheresWaldo of the Divine Chaos clan

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