Saturday, June 20, 2009

Interesting afternoon at Gigante Beach

It was a relaxing day for us today as we were tired of the darkness of Skeleton Nest and decided to spend the afternoon on Gigante Beach. While there,
  • The Legionnaire clan declared war on our clan along with Devil-May-Cry and Wiley_Coyotes clans. At least regarding the war with us, it was for fun and they had a brief skirmish with a few of our members outside of Auch. A truce was declared shortly afterwards with us.
  • The Flores clan (or rather just 00F) declared war on the ShadowMarauders and Legionnaire clans.

At the beach, we saw an interesting sight. Before our sights, a Ceres clan member aznpridenigka ran up to his fellow clan member Almagest and released a Golden Spider. The Golden Spider defeated Almagest's lower level family members but his Expert musketeer managed to take care of it. Another family, Goulds, saw what happened and spoke up, at which point, aznpridenigka continuously released Golden Spiders and little spiders on them. Eventually, aznpridenigka did it again to Almagest and we managed to snap a photo.

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