Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Last evening's adventures

Last evening, our Captain Adelina gained another 70% in experience to reach level 91.4. It was a slow but steady pace at Skeleton Nest with two fellow clan members. One of them summoned a Treasure Golem and we were tempted to counter with our own but felt that it would be overkill. Even with a Hill Giant, it was more than enough firepower for us to be idling around. We didn't capture any pictures of this activity as Skeleton Nest is not a photogenic place.

The market has certainly been disrupted from the recent issues. Many items that we would normally track either had no listings or in single digit quantities. Hence, we'll skip this week's market report. There was a rumor that people are not yet able to obtain Gold and therefore, the bazaar items suddenly jumped in price. There were a few people wanting to purchase Mercenary Warrants but the only person publicly willing to sell one requested 180 million vis. There were also people offering to sell Upgrade Accelerators for 3.5 million vis each. Fortunately, we are not in need of vis or bazaar items, at least until Adelina is promoted.

Something we thought about while down at the Skeleton Nest was what to do with Adelina's armor. Currently, she is wearing a level 80 Ancestral Leather Armor. It is adequate for the current map but when she is promoted and ready to journey out to the higher level maps, she will need something better. In our entire family, the only armor better than that would be a level 84 elite Camisa de Soldado and it is currently worn by Calypso. Our original plan was for that outfit to be shared but we are now considering the Veteran Ancestral Leather Armor.

We also wondered about which boots and gloves would be appropriate. We've collected and distributed so many that we have no idea who has what. Someday, we'll need to make a catalog of our items and equipment.

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