Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Last evening's short adventure

Last evening's adventures was short and sweet. Our team of Adelina, Iris (our musketeer), and Viki made a "test of courage" trip from the beginning of Capybara Plantation to the marker stone at the end of the first floor and back. It was surprisingly easy. In fact, it was even easier than if we had used our Fighter as our Adelina (using the Low Guard stance at level 17) can actually defeat the capybara and vampire bats almost as fast as Iris (using Outrage Shot). Hence, the capybara and vampire bats barely has a chance to use their knockdown and stun skills or to gang up. It worked so well that we had considered leaving them for the night but decided against it when a Golden Bat came crawling out of a side passage.

The Capybara Plantation was a quiet place last night as there was only one other family there. We did not see who they were but could hear their Catherine's dolls behind the cave wall. Perhaps they were searching for Keys or even a Mysterious Steel Piece. We were not lucky enough last night to pick up any of them though.

We also had our Baek Ho spend 15 minutes of his time to complete a set of Tetra vouchers and to submit them for 3 level 40 experience cards. We would like to get him to level 48 eventually in order for him to use his Spirit of Arange ring that is just sitting unused in our warehouse. The description of the Spirit of Arange didn't seem that impressive but we haven't actually used it yet.

The final highlight of the evening was managing to purchase a Bust Shot (of the Sagitta stance) ring off the market for about 250,000 vis. It was one of the cheapest rings on the market at the time when much of everything else was in the millions.

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