Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Notes of the evening

This evening, we ventured into Skeleton Nest Level 3 again. However, we had a different team this time. Along with our usual Adelina the Pirate, we had our elementalist Eloise and scout Florence join in. It was a challenge as our elementalist was a favorite target of the skeletons, especially those that liked to perform knock down. Somehow, even the Skeleton Gunmen was able to knock down Eloise while she attempted to cast Frenzied Thunder, wasting 5 elemental orbs each time. The risk was worth it though as when Frenzied Thunder is cast, it is quite a sight to see. Someday, we'll take a picture but it's quite difficult to properly capture lightning.

We had to flee from the Skeleton Leader of the first floor as it kept using a knock down skill but we were able to defeat a Boneless. Unfortunately, it took a whopping 70 healing potions. We also managed to maximize Adelina's Low Guard stance.

From the conversations of our clan channel, we were reminded of the bayonet and the javelin. These were two types of weapons that we had originally planned to obtain but have since forgotten about as we concentrated on easier to obtain weapon types. From the forums, we read that the only person the bayonet was good for was Najib as the other rifle users such as the musketeers lacked the strength to properly utilize the stance skills. We'll try to be on the lookout for these rare weapon types again.

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