Tuesday, June 23, 2009


During the past few days, we've been pondering over some questions. With 2 family members approaching level 100, we've been wondering whether to promote them to Veteran status or not. If we choose to promote them, we would have to spent a large portion of our remaining Gold in order to purchase a set of Veteran Promotion scrolls. This will close the door on purchasing another Wheel of Destiny package unless we petition our head back in the Old World for more Gold. This in turn leads to another question, whether or not to try to attempt to obtain more Gold.

In writing our grant proposal, we would have to come up with legitimate reasons for the need for more financial backing. That we have 26 days of unused Ancient Area passes, dozens of Upgrade Accelerators, even more Mysterious Powders, and countless other unused bazaar items does not help with the situation. One possible solution is to use up some of those items in an attempt to upgrade our armors to +5 or even +6 but the case for that wasn't as strong as we initially thought. We will have to ponder these questions some more.

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