Monday, June 1, 2009

Server's up

Bristia is back online tonight. Therefore, we continued training our Adelina at Skeleton Nest. By the time we finished for the night, she was 70% to level 91. While training, we thought about how to arm her for a pre-Veteran duel with a similar level Fighter (equipped with elite 84 equipment). We lack good equipment for Adelina as we don't even have a level 80 Pioneer saber and am using a level 80 Pioneer pistol in the Freestyle stance. Fortunately, fate dropped us a Helios (level 92 saber) near the end of the evening at Skeleton Nest. Combined with an elite 84 pistol, our Adelina may finally stand a chance using the Heaven & Hell stance.

1 comment:

shinelight said...

hi there

just dropping by...i play ge too but in sg server. wish you all the fun playing ge.

cheers, SL