Monday, June 29, 2009

Tactics against Boneless 2

Recently, we had to perfect another tactic against Boneless as our elementalist Eloise was training Domination Ice rather than Domination Lightning. With Adelina and our Scout Florence in the same positions as before, Eloise now casts Frozen Field to blast away the surrounding skeletons. Frozen Field also has a chance of freezing Boneless. Next, Eloise starts casting Glacial Spike on Boneless which would cause her to advance towards the Boneless. After Glacial Spike is done, the next round of Frozen Field should be able to completely cover Boneless and even beyond to catch new skeletons that were previously out of range.

Next tactic to try would be using Domination Fire as Eloise has reached level 22 in Domination Ice. At level 22, all skills are maximized for both Domination Ice and Domination Lightning. Increasing their stance level further to level 25 will increase their SP recovery rate and we shall take our time with those final levels.

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