Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tactics against Boneless

Tonight, we worked out the tactics to defeat Boneless with our current team of Adelina the Pirate, Florence the Scout, and Eloise the Elementalist. The key was to position Florence and Eloise away from Boneless' Poison skill attack. Florence heals Adelina and Eloise uses her AOE spells such as Frenzied Thunder to keep the other skeletons away. This worked so well that we managed to defeat 6 Boneless tonight and for at least 3 of them, without the use of any Healing Potions.

To our surprise, one of the Boneless dropped an Elite level 84 Earthcracker.


Deslicer said...

congrats on ur tactic working successfully 50% of the time :D

WW said...

For the other cases, it also greatly reduced the use of healing potions. It's just that our elementalist is still fragile to hordes of skeletons shooting rifle bullets from a distance.