Monday, June 1, 2009

This Weekend

It's almost been a full week (last was the night of Tuesday 5/26) since we've journeyed out but was unable to as the entire game and even the forums were offline. Fortunately, there were places to meet and sources of information like:
Port Coimbra
K2Guinn's Twitter
SOTNW Twitter

I was starting to doubt my commitment to this game so I started playing other MMOs again, including the one that I had spent more than a solid year on. After awhile of that, I realized that I've been spoiled rotten by this game. Although our latest technical issue of 4 days of downtime is a catastrophe and we haven't had an updates for many months, overall for the past year and a half, it has been pretty good as far as F2P MMOs go. Some of the things that I've taken for granted were:
  • Lack of lag - Even with the graphics set on high and in bloom, this game rarely lags on me. I don't know why other games with lesser graphers and less activity going on would. The type of lag I experience in some of the other games seem to be network based rather than client based.
  • Lack of disconnects/server reboot - Even worst than lag would be disconnects, especially in the middle of an activiity. Fortunately, in the event of a rare disconnect, our characters can still survive. Our server reboots are pretty rare. I didn't even realize that I took our lack of disconnects/reboots for granted until I started playing another MMO.
  • Relative cheap cash shop items - In terms of dollar to item, our cash shop items have actually gotten much cheaper than when I first started a year and a half ago. I still remember when $1 brought only 100 gold. Now we can get 13100 gold for only $30. Our costumes don't cost the equivalent of $20-$30 either (thinking of another game). Even better is that we can actually save up/earn enough vis to purchase them as they're no so far out of range to be unaffordable.
  • AFK - I don't AFK as much as some people but the ability does come in handy, especially when the need for a break arises.
  • Relative lack of spam - We only have the occasional spam on broadcast. I had forgotten that spam can truly get annoying when it fills up a chat window at such a rapid pace that non-spam messages disappear before they can be read. Many MMOs seem to suffer from that.
  • Diversity/prettiness of characters - While it's true that we can't change our character's faces, the shape of their eyes/noise/mouth isn't noticeable while playing. We have lots more detailed outfits for a great diversity of characters.
  • Fast paced - I like having hordes of mobs attack and actually be able to send them flying. Having to manually target each one and run towards them like in other MMOs gets extremely tedious.
While there are many flaws with this game including game mechanics, at least it's still fun to play for the moment. I had forgotten why I stopped playing the other MMOs until I played them again these past few days.

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