Thursday, June 4, 2009

Train of thoughts for the evening

  • We're so sick of Skeleton Nest. It's so dark and dreary.
  • Our stock of Hill Giant Stones are running low. They turned out to be surprisingly useful. Guess we'll summon some other creature once we're out of Hill Giants. Perhaps the one that requires a bunch of Otites would come in useful.
  • Wonder what we'll do after Adelina. Honestly can't think of anything. Perhaps a break or vacation?
  • Should we buy some costumes or wait for the possibility of new costumes in the near future?
  • Our clan channel seems pretty quiet tonight. We're still miffed about last night and don't feel like starting a conversation. Apparently no one else felt like starting a conversation tonight either.
  • Our buddy list is almost all inactive. Wondering if they have quit permanently.
  • Oh look!, Ratridevi has logged on. :)
  • Irland has gone to Ceres? What happened with the Devils~Horsemen clan? Its current leader is inactive unfortunately.
  • Skeleton Nest is finally starting to get crowded. Time to return to the barracks for a good night's sleep.

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