Sunday, June 7, 2009

Veteran Adelina

Tonight, we promoted our 9th and perhaps our final Veteran. After many months, our Adelina the Pirate became a Veteran. As a reward, we presented her with the Low Guard skill book and an Elite Level 92 Sabre. She has also increased her strength by 1 such that she has 7 STR now. Unfortunately, her new sabre did not come pre-enchanted and we had to visit the Enchantment Lady in Auch to enchant it. We used only 1 level 92 enchantment chip and result was extra damage to the Undead. We suppose that might come in handy against the creatures of Skeleton Nest.

1 comment:

Snowhusky said...

perfect enchant!
use it to expert in AA, then rechip for pvp :D
if only I were lucky as you, I only have beast saber and pvp saber. not sure when I'll expert atp

p.s. congrat on vet! ^^