Tuesday, July 28, 2009

State of the economy

Mysterious Powder
  • Range: 3.395 - 4.5 million
  • Median: 3.44 million
Pure Otite - None listed
Treasure Core - One entry at 800K
Upgrade Accelerator
  • Range: 5.1 - 5.5 million
  • Median: 5.25 million
Enchant Booster
  • Range: 3.8 - 5.0 million
  • Median: 4.3 million
Level 84 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 1.6 - 11 million (one person must have put it at 11 million for kicks or by mistake)
  • Median: 1.68 million
Level 92 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 6.5 - 7.0 million
  • Median: 6.55 million
Level 100 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 39.5 - 45.0 million
  • Median: 40 million
and looking at other items, we have
Veteran Promotion Scroll @ 85 million
Expert Promotion Scroll @ 95 million
Quarter Slot @ 18 - 22.5 million but mostly 18 million

We haven't been out adventuring the past few days as we no longer have any tangible goals to works towards after getting Emilia to level 100. We suppose we could continue the futile search for Unknown Ores but we've already defeated many dozens of Elite Lightning Cockatrices without a single drop which was quite disheartening. On the bright side, it seems prices for the few items listed have dropped alittle bit. The flip side to that was that there were fewer items listed as we couldn't even find Pure Otite.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Emilia @ 100

Today, our Emilia reached level 100 while assisting Vincent in training Serenade and Domination Lightning. However, we doubt we will use her for any more high level activities and hence will not be promoting her to Veteran. Maybe she could be a model if more outfits appear.

Friday, July 24, 2009

More Black Angel Wings

While digging through our inventory for our last Veteran Promotion scroll, we noticed that we had 3 more Black Angel Wings. However, unlike the 3 earlier Black Angel Wings, these new ones were temporary and gives +8% speed. As to whether it is movement speed or attack speed, it is unknown as we haven't tried them yet.

Our 12th Veteran: Vincent Rio

We promoted Vincent Rio to Veteran today. The first thing he did after that was to flirt with a girl in Auch. It's unknown what the girl's true name was as she initially seemed to be Dilia, but she introduced herself as Amilia and our log showed her as Emilia.
She apparently liked Lisa's Avocado sandwich.
More flirting got Vincent noticed by her father who was just standing around the corner. He told us about a secret laboratory that belonged to Vincent's late father.
Inside the Secret Laboratory, we were met with Mercenaries. They were quite easy to defeat as all they did was kick. Nothing new was learned from them though other than that they were hired by someone whose identity they refused to divulge.
The reward was the Serenade stance book. This allows Vincent to play better and impress that girl he was flirting with.

Since Vincent showed an earlier interest in Lightning magic, we also rewarded him with the Domination Lightning stance book.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Activites of the evening

Tonight, we continued to train Vincent in Skeleton Dungeon with a family named Kuribashi of the VespanolaNobles clan. Unfortunately, we couldn't communicate well with them as they spoke another language. Our Vincent is so close to Veteran that he would have made it in about an hour if only we did not run out of buck shots. As we were in no hurry, we returned to the barracks to sleep after restocking on ammunition. During the grind, we also chatted with fellow clan members about the prices of various items. It seems that the current feso to vis ratio of 1:200 is actually on the low side.

Monday, July 20, 2009

State of the economy

We decided to round off some of the numbers this time, especially those entries that contains trailing 9s. The market seems to have leveled off these past few weeks.

Mysterious Powder
  • Range: 3.5 - 4.0 million
  • Median: 4.0 million
Pure Otite
  • No one is selling any on the market
Treasure Core
  • 300k and 500k, a great majority 500k
Upgrade Accelerator
  • Range: 5.7 - 6.0 million
  • Median: 6.0 million
Enchant Booster
  • Range: 5.1 - 6.3 million
  • Median: 5.6 million
Level 84 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 1.15 - 1.8 million
  • Median: About 1.5 million
Level 92 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 6.1 - 7.5 million
  • Median: About 7 million
Level 100 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 37 - 50 million
  • Median: Slightly above 40 million

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Afternoon with Vincent

We spent the afternoon with Vincent today in Skeleton Nest. As it was dark, we didn't take any photos. We think we've finally learned how to handle him though in terms of his musical abilities. Although his regular music attack is dreadfully slow, his musical attack skills are quite useful. In particular, Rhapsody in Black hits 8 targets, is quick to cast, has a cool down of only 5 seconds, and only costs 100 SP. That the survivors are usually stunned is an extra bonus. We used it at every chance we get and 5 seconds was enough for a decent audience of skeletons to gather.

For even larger crowds, we followed up with Rhythm & Blues. Like Rhapsody in Black, it also hits 8 targets. Although it does more damage, Rhythm & Blues does require a few seconds to cast and takes 250 SP. Still, since a portion of the audience is stunned silent, we're sure they can wait a bit.

Near the end of our night, some unknown family released 2 Vladimir spinelles near the Memorial Statue. Although they were only level 81 in a place that contained skeletons in the mid 90s, the Vladimirs seemed to be able defeat families that weren't paying attention to their surroundings. We gave the two a musical show and introduced Requiem to them. Although Requiem didn't seem to slow them down, they were easily stunned by Rhapsody in Black, as were any skeletons that decided to join in the fun.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Breaking equipment

Tonight, we decided to break some equipment in order to gain some enchantment chips. Out of 8 pieces of equipment, we gained 5 level 92 chips and 1 level 84 chip. There were 3 pieces of equipment that managed to make it to +6 without breaking. Although we will most likely not use these weapons, they are still good mementos as they are our first weapons to reach +6. The above is a level 92 Ziz's Lance. As a unique weapon, it has pretty good built in enchantments. As a +6, it has 27 AR which makes it 1 AR better than a regular elite level 84 polearm.
This is a +6 level 92 Behemoth Spear. We only have 2 level 92 polearms and both of them reached +6. Maybe we'll give one to Idge and one to Claude if they ever reach level 92.
Finally, we have a +6 level 84 Blood Edge. As it only has 23 AR, it is worse than both the level 84 elite sabre and the level 80 ancestral sabre. We're only keeping it because the golden glow is so bright that it's like a it is on fire.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Day's activities

We spent the morning in wandering around Bonavista River hunting Elite Cockatrices. We manage to shoot a few but still haven't found any Unknown Ore. While there, we thought to model and compare the White and Black Angel wings.
Using the rifles seem to work effectively against the birds as one shot brings them down.
Eventually, we left for lunch but it was when we came back that the fun started. Returning from lunch with a different team (as it was overkill to use Vets on those poor cockatrices), we noticed that a baron had gone through the map on all channels. As there were defeated Experts on the ground and especially those of powerful clans such as Ceres, we surmised that the baron family must have been pretty powerful, at least compared to our current team of mid level 60s. Following the trails, we spied them once on the bridge near the Memorial Statue and escaped before they had a chance to get close. The second time we encountered them (assuming it's the same one) was when they surprised us on the top of the cliff on the north side. We noticed a flash of red from their baron status and then a sign of their AOE spell starting to be cast on our team. Fortunately, we escaped just outside the radius of the spell before it activated and lived for another day.
Later on in the afternoon, we lost a whole bunch of chips to Tiburon at Gigante Dock. At least we won a few times, enough to snap a good picture of his beaten up expression.

Idge at level 84 & Black Angel Wings

Our Idge just reached level 84 and crafted her first level 84 recipe. It was an elite level 84 plate mail recipe that we found awhile and to our great surprise, the initial enchantment was +3 DR and a 3 other resistances. We presented this new armor to Romina. This is our first piece of elite equipment that has a +3 rating enchantment.

We also found 3 Black Angel wings in our inventory today. As seen in this picture, Romina is wearing them well. We're thinking of assigning the other 2 wings to family members who have sullen personalities. Maybe we'll assign one to Andre to make it strange.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Violent Ghost Baron

Tonight, we defeated our very first Violent Ghost Baron. After all this time in El Canon de Diablolica, we don't think we have ever singlehandedly defeated a Violent Ghost Baron. The reason being that if we were training pre-Veterans there, we usually did not bring along a healer and therefore retreated to prevent the trainees from getting defeated by the AOE attacks. We also never bothered to bring a pure Veteran team to hunt down the Violent Ghost Baron either. However, today was different.

As our Vincent had high resistance to elemental attacks, we weren't too worried about him. The unknown factor was whether Idge with her pioneer platemail and chain gloves is able to survive the encounter. Fortunately, Idge was able to survive the initial attack after which the Violent Ghost Baron concentrated on our Grace. As Grace is a Veteran, it was a pretty easy battle.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Today, we cleared some pests (weeds and flying insects) from the hatchery and checked on our egg again. We dropped a vial of Nutrition onto the egg and suddenly this ugly freak of nature popped out. Somehow, it was born dressed like something from a nightmare. It could have been a premature birth as it was only the 2nd day and the pet keeper recommended 3 days. In any case, as it is still our baby, we welcomed it into the family and named it Chi.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Taking a break from the usual grind, we played with bunnies today. As the little bunnies bunched up around Grace, an errant shotgun blast accidentally took out the litter. What followed was a hilarious chase around the greenhouse to catch the Mommy Bunny. In the end, we didn't catch it as it was so cute.

While relaxing we also noticed something new. TheOne and Porta_Potty clans declared a truce but the message indicated that peace will occur in 24 hours. It used to be instant.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Photos from clan meeting

Wonder if we were blocking traffic for other people as they came to talk to Sir Lyndon. Must be a curious sight indeed.

State of the economy

Mysterious Powder
  • Range: 3.89 - 4.1 million
  • Median: 4.1 million, mostly by demonlineage
Pure Otite
  • Range: 7.0 - 7.2 million
  • Median: 7.0 million, mostly by Rising_spirit
Treasure Core
  • No entries so we'll use the previous recorded entry of 355K. We've been accumulating hundreds of these again but as we have no planned need for vis, we won't be listing any on the market yet.
Upgrade Accelerator
  • Range: 4.8 - 5.9 million
  • Median: 5.3 million
Enchant Booster
  • Range: 5.0 - 5.5 million
  • Median: 5.5 million
Level 84 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 1 - 3 million, it's a pretty wide range today
  • Median: About 1.5 million
Level 92 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 7 - 9.5 million
  • Median: 7.2 million, mostly by Avang
Level 100 Enchantment Chip
  • Range: 44 - 62 million
  • Median: 54.5 million


We finally found the cowardly Kasanovic family today! Unfortunately, they are no longer baron. After finding them, we circled them a few times like an owl spying a rodent and had a debate among our family members. There were 3 sides to the debate,
  1. The warmongers were quite eager to pull the trigger, or rather the triggers. Pump some bullets and gunpowder bolts into them. We are even prepared to leave our peaceful clan for this.
  2. The pacifists did not want our family to fall into their level by becoming baron. Better to forgive and forget.
  3. The rational side, which eventually won out, did a cost benefit analysis. It was not worth it to work off the sin of becoming baron over only 1 family. They were also not worth the cost of ammunition and a warp scroll.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cowards list update

Kasanovic - A clanless family that like to launch surprise attacks on low levels. Unfortunately, we were unable to get vengeance as they fled like the cowards they are.

Cesario's Silver Medal

This morning, Cesario of Auch presented a challenge and we took it up. The first was to defeat Dios Lantern of Al Quelt Moreza Hollow. For this, we brought our Soso and Lisa, supported by Emilia. It was definitely overkill as Dios Lantern and his clones were defeated in seconds. We didn't even need to use a key to summon him.
Next was the Treasure Golem of the Tetra Antiquities Room. It took a while of waiting so we started to eat our lunch. Midway through eating, the Treasure Golem and his explosive minions appeared and we had to defeat it.
Finally, it was on to Porto Bello , St. Catherine's Saloon and we switched our team to Romina, Karjalain, and Emilia. On the way there, we turned in the voucher quest and received a key to St. Catherine's Saloon. However, instead of using the key, we decided to wait and finish the rest of our lunch. No sooner had we taken the last bite when Chimera appeared and we easily defeated it.

The reward for finishing quest was a Silver Medal without a description. Cesario had started to say something more but we were unable to hear it.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Internal clan event gone awry

The memorable highlight of the evening was an internal clan event gone awry. Four of our families decided to play with spinelles outside Auch. Unfortunately, the host was suddenly preoccupied and unable to give his family orders right after at least a dozen Golden Spiders, many more Small Golden Spiders, and a bunch of Thora were released. Our four families were completely defeated within a few minutes, even the host's Fighter which was wearing an elite level 92 metal armor +5 with 2 DR and in Defender stance.

Through the use of Volcanic Eruption and Blazing Pillar, the number of Small Golden Spiders was reduced dramatically. The Golden Spiders and Thora still posed a threat though so we switched out Eloise for Iris (the Musketeer). Using hit and run tactics, we managed to lure a few Golden Spiders and Thora into a narrow secluded spot and defeated them. We did this several times and eventually cleaned up the map. It's surprising the tiny spaces those spiders managed to crawl into. The Defender stance's Dull attack worked surprisingly well in stunning the Golden Spiders which gave us some relief to handle other targets.

As the rewards, the most memorable was a level 92 unique Dragon Coat. We also have to give some credit to a passing family of the Ceres clan that was dressed in cockatrice outfits. They managed to eliminate a few Golden Spiders and Thora while passing through to their destination. We didn't catch the name of that family of flamboyant fat birds but they were definitely of help.

Crusader Coat

Today, we presented our Romina a Crusader Coat. It is a shiny outfit with a various crosses on its design. It's actually sort of frilly with the puffed shoulders and flared sleeves.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another evening in Bonavista

This evening, Lisa and Soso spent 2 hours hunting Cockatrice at Bonavista River. There's much fewer families there tonight than last night to the point that we encountered the Giant Cockatrice (purple bird) a few times. As our team is only in the low to mid 60s, the fights with the Giant Cockatrice were tough but exciting. We did manage to catch a few Elite Lightning Cockatrice but unfortunately, they did not contain the ore we were looking for. On the positive side, Lisa has gained a level to level 64.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bonavista River

Bonavista River sure is crowded tonight with families filling almost every spot looking for the elusive Elite Cockatrice. Although the area seemed packed with stationary and moving families, it was really not too many families if one took a moment to count them, perhaps 2 dozen or less in one channel (of 2 at the moment). In any case, with the relatively large concentration of people, it was the perfect place for a baron to appear and start wrecking havoc. Lo and behold, Celosia (probably a misspelling) of the Ceres clan appeared around the coordinates G4 and went wild in the plateau. Although we didn't witness it firsthand as we further south near the Memorial, we had our medic Emilia travel up there to resurrect the fallen after the chaos had moved on.

Interesting conversation with Claire

Tonight, our Claude got a chance to speak with Claire. Information about her can be found all over the place but there were some interesting things that came up from their conversation.
  1. We were quite surprised when Claude mentioned that he had to take Idge home. Were they a couple? How long has this been going on? We suppose that it might not be unusual as they see each other everyday and are both in the same trade.
  2. There's certainly some deadbeats in Granado Espada. They're so cash poor that they're pawning off their personal items.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This evening, we heard a humorous misconception. Someone wanted to purchase a single level 92 enchantment chip. Curious as to why one would want to purchase only a single enchantment chip and especially when they have quite a few levels to go before even being able to use level 92 equipment, we inquired further. It turned out that they wanted to use that single level 92 enchantment chip on a level 80 equipment. Their reasoning was that the higher the level the chip, the better the enchantments it gave. As there is a tremendous price difference between a level 80 enchantment chip and a level 92 enchantment chip, it would have been a huge mistake if they had gone through with their original plan.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Roleplay: Family History 5: Elizabeth's story

Will it burn? Will it freeze? Will it fry? Those are the types of questions Elizabeth the Elementalist pondered about. Unfortunately, it is difficult to buy dead bodies for research purposes and butchered meat from the market just doesn't cut it. It is also impossible to get live specimens in the Old World. There are just no volunteers willing to be a constant target of elemental spells.

There are so many questions to be answered. When burning, how long does a specimen last before collapsing? When frozen, do they shatter on impact? What path does electricity take when traveling through different materials? When Elizabeth received an invitation from Euclase to join them in Granado Espada, she was promised thousands of live specimens to work on, maybe even millions. Maybe even humans....

Roleplay: Family History 4: Hester's story

Like Euclase, Hester became unemployed after their unit disbanded. She stayed in her city but the economic situation became so bad that people were drinking water and eating grass because they could not afford proper food. There were bloated dead bodies on the streets every morning and her neighbors were just waiting for a chance to escape from the situation. After heading about the success of her former classmate's escape, Hester decided that there was nothing to lose and to give escape a try.

In the dead of the night, Hester and a small group of her friends headed out with backpacks full of supplies. As they were traveling in a group, taking the river route like Euclase was dangerous as they could be easily spotted by patrols. Therefore, Hester and her group headed into the mountains. Traveling through the mountains was treacherous. If one's backpack was tipping one off balance, it was better to lose the backpack. Unfortunately, a few of Hester's traveling partners did not heed that warning and tumbled off the narrow paths to their deaths. Fortunately, Hester was able to make it through the mountains safely and reached the same Vespanolan port city as Euclase.

By the time Hester reached the port city, Euclase already left for Granado Espada. Working as a waitress, Hester was able to make a decent living. When Hester read Euclase's letter about the wonders Granado Espada, Hester made the journey there herself. By claiming Hester as part of her family, Hester had a hassle free trip and did not have to fill out any paperwork.

Roleplay: Family History 3: Euclase's story

After graduation, the Euclase joined the Opoluto military and trained to be a medic. However, after going through basic training and learning the basic techniques of Escrima and medicine, Opoluto lost the war and thus, Euclase became unemployed without ever seeing combat. As the economy was poor since they had just lost a war and it was difficult to find work in Vespanola as she used to work for the defeated Opoluto, Granado Espada looked like the land of opportunity. However, reaching the new land wasn't going to be easy.

First, she erased her name from her family's registry to sever the link to her Opolutian past. Traveling alone by night and swimming along the river channels, Euclase evaded the newly installed Vespanola patrols who were there to squelch any unrest from the local populace. After hundreds of miles and many days, she managed to sneak into a prosperous port city of Vespanola. There, taking odd and menial jobs, Euclase befriended the local Vespanolans and became a citizen. At that point, it became straightforward to save up enough to purchase a ticket for one to Granado Espada.

Roleplay: Family History 2

So what did the original family members do from the time that they graduated school to the time that they formed a new family and became pioneers? Apparently, they went their separate ways,
  • Euclase joined the Opoluto military and became a medic. As all recruits had to go through basic combat training, Euclase learned how to use daggers and other small edged weapons. Through training and practical experience, she learned how to effectively apply drugs and medication to temporarily boost various abilities of her patients. As the most adventurous one of the group, she had dreams of setting out into the great unknown. Eventually, that opportunity came as Opoluto lost its sovereignty to Vespanola and she easily managed to convince her old schoolmates to join her.
  • Hester also joined the Opoluto military but was still in training when Opoluto lost the war. Hence, although she has read about how various weapons are used and have practiced with a sword, she had no real combat experience. She became unemployed after Opoluto lost to Vespanola.
  • Elizabeth became a chemist. Working with the elements and various materials/chemicals allowed her to understand how nature worked. In particular, thermodynamics and electricity were her major fields of study. Her works are continued by our current elementalist Eloise who has made great progress.
  • Dorothy was a teacher/researcher that studied the way the mind worked and how it could affect reality. However, the university setting does not offer much opportunities to test out her theories.
  • Sylvia joined the naval side of the Opoluto military and guarded the coast. This included hunting pirates and smugglers. Apparently, sea pirates were a big issues back then. Training included rifles for shooting at pirate ships and pistols for close combat while boarding pirate ships. Her unit disbanded after Opoluto lost to Vespanola.

Roleplay: Family History

Our clan has expressed an interest in recording the family histories of its members. Therefore, we started looking back at our own histories, mostly of the time before this journal was created. We don't have enough for a complete story yet but we can at least jot down fragments that could be incorporated.
  • Our family name, Kenmar, comes from our geographic place of origin and has no other special meaning that we know of. Basically, the original family members got together one day and thought that it would be good to name their new family after their place of origin as that place is 354 years old as of this entry.
  • The family members on the current family roster are actually the 2nd generation of the family and have never actually seen the Old World. They joined the family in Granado Espada and are fashion conscious, changing their appearances every so often.
  • The first generation of the family (the originals) were made up of each of the five professions. Their names were Euclase the Scout, Hester the Fighter, Elizabeth the Elementalist, Dorothy the Wizard, and Sylvia the Musketeer. They are no longer in Granado Espada and have passed along the outfits that they always wore as heirlooms for future family members.
  • Euclase, being the Scout, as the first to arrive in the Granado Espada. She traveled alone in a wooden ship that eventually docked at Port Coimbra. After filling out the immigration paperwork and getting settled, she invited Hester and Elizabeth to join her in Reboldeaux and thus the family began their adventures.
  • Our history back in the Old World is murky as the original family members are no longer with us. We should have asked them while they were still here. However, we do know that they attended the same school, as evidenced by a set of school uniforms they have left behind. They may have even been part of the same class. In any case, they've formed a tight bond during their time there, enough for 5 biologically unrelated people to declare themselves as one family.
  • As to why the family is in the Granado Espada, it is mostly the same reason why most people would immigrate anywhere, economic opportunities and the adventure of exploring the unknown.
  • There is also no record of the original family members back in the Old World. Due to certain circumstances, their names and links to their ancestors were erased from the written registries. This allows them to hide from their pursuers back in the Old World and is a major reason why a new family was formed just for Granado Espada. Although the time of chaos has long passed and there are no longer any pursuers, it's just not worth the effort to get their names back on the registry as that is an Old World custom that is not followed in the current world.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

On vacation

Our family has been on vacation for the past few days and will likely extend it for a bit longer. There's nothing like traveling on ship and seeing the sea to put our minds at ease.

We did do a spot check on the market but at the moment, it is missing Pure Otite and Treasure Cores so we can't do a full report. For a partial report:
  • Mysterious Powder @ 4 million, mostly by demonlineage
  • Upgrade Accelerator @ 6 million
  • Enchant Booster @ 5.5 million
  • Level 84 Enchantment Chip @ ~1.3 million
  • Level 92 Enchantment Chip @ ~7.15 million
  • Level 100 Enchantment Chip @ ~45 million

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Afternoon activities

The only thing of note today was accidentally completing a quest involving Esperanza Falls. The reward from Grenmah was a Polish Adept and 3 level 90 experience cards. This quest was completed when we were wandering around Ustier Zona Cuatro looking for Moogle. Apparently, there was a spot on the ground next to a boulder in the southern part of the map that gives a great view of the waterfall.