Sunday, July 19, 2009

Afternoon with Vincent

We spent the afternoon with Vincent today in Skeleton Nest. As it was dark, we didn't take any photos. We think we've finally learned how to handle him though in terms of his musical abilities. Although his regular music attack is dreadfully slow, his musical attack skills are quite useful. In particular, Rhapsody in Black hits 8 targets, is quick to cast, has a cool down of only 5 seconds, and only costs 100 SP. That the survivors are usually stunned is an extra bonus. We used it at every chance we get and 5 seconds was enough for a decent audience of skeletons to gather.

For even larger crowds, we followed up with Rhythm & Blues. Like Rhapsody in Black, it also hits 8 targets. Although it does more damage, Rhythm & Blues does require a few seconds to cast and takes 250 SP. Still, since a portion of the audience is stunned silent, we're sure they can wait a bit.

Near the end of our night, some unknown family released 2 Vladimir spinelles near the Memorial Statue. Although they were only level 81 in a place that contained skeletons in the mid 90s, the Vladimirs seemed to be able defeat families that weren't paying attention to their surroundings. We gave the two a musical show and introduced Requiem to them. Although Requiem didn't seem to slow them down, they were easily stunned by Rhapsody in Black, as were any skeletons that decided to join in the fun.

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