Saturday, July 18, 2009

Breaking equipment

Tonight, we decided to break some equipment in order to gain some enchantment chips. Out of 8 pieces of equipment, we gained 5 level 92 chips and 1 level 84 chip. There were 3 pieces of equipment that managed to make it to +6 without breaking. Although we will most likely not use these weapons, they are still good mementos as they are our first weapons to reach +6. The above is a level 92 Ziz's Lance. As a unique weapon, it has pretty good built in enchantments. As a +6, it has 27 AR which makes it 1 AR better than a regular elite level 84 polearm.
This is a +6 level 92 Behemoth Spear. We only have 2 level 92 polearms and both of them reached +6. Maybe we'll give one to Idge and one to Claude if they ever reach level 92.
Finally, we have a +6 level 84 Blood Edge. As it only has 23 AR, it is worse than both the level 84 elite sabre and the level 80 ancestral sabre. We're only keeping it because the golden glow is so bright that it's like a it is on fire.

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