Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cesario's Silver Medal

This morning, Cesario of Auch presented a challenge and we took it up. The first was to defeat Dios Lantern of Al Quelt Moreza Hollow. For this, we brought our Soso and Lisa, supported by Emilia. It was definitely overkill as Dios Lantern and his clones were defeated in seconds. We didn't even need to use a key to summon him.
Next was the Treasure Golem of the Tetra Antiquities Room. It took a while of waiting so we started to eat our lunch. Midway through eating, the Treasure Golem and his explosive minions appeared and we had to defeat it.
Finally, it was on to Porto Bello , St. Catherine's Saloon and we switched our team to Romina, Karjalain, and Emilia. On the way there, we turned in the voucher quest and received a key to St. Catherine's Saloon. However, instead of using the key, we decided to wait and finish the rest of our lunch. No sooner had we taken the last bite when Chimera appeared and we easily defeated it.

The reward for finishing quest was a Silver Medal without a description. Cesario had started to say something more but we were unable to hear it.

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