Friday, July 17, 2009

Day's activities

We spent the morning in wandering around Bonavista River hunting Elite Cockatrices. We manage to shoot a few but still haven't found any Unknown Ore. While there, we thought to model and compare the White and Black Angel wings.
Using the rifles seem to work effectively against the birds as one shot brings them down.
Eventually, we left for lunch but it was when we came back that the fun started. Returning from lunch with a different team (as it was overkill to use Vets on those poor cockatrices), we noticed that a baron had gone through the map on all channels. As there were defeated Experts on the ground and especially those of powerful clans such as Ceres, we surmised that the baron family must have been pretty powerful, at least compared to our current team of mid level 60s. Following the trails, we spied them once on the bridge near the Memorial Statue and escaped before they had a chance to get close. The second time we encountered them (assuming it's the same one) was when they surprised us on the top of the cliff on the north side. We noticed a flash of red from their baron status and then a sign of their AOE spell starting to be cast on our team. Fortunately, we escaped just outside the radius of the spell before it activated and lived for another day.
Later on in the afternoon, we lost a whole bunch of chips to Tiburon at Gigante Dock. At least we won a few times, enough to snap a good picture of his beaten up expression.

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