Friday, July 17, 2009

Idge at level 84 & Black Angel Wings

Our Idge just reached level 84 and crafted her first level 84 recipe. It was an elite level 84 plate mail recipe that we found awhile and to our great surprise, the initial enchantment was +3 DR and a 3 other resistances. We presented this new armor to Romina. This is our first piece of elite equipment that has a +3 rating enchantment.

We also found 3 Black Angel wings in our inventory today. As seen in this picture, Romina is wearing them well. We're thinking of assigning the other 2 wings to family members who have sullen personalities. Maybe we'll assign one to Andre to make it strange.

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Ashardalon said...

Nice~! That's like getting DR+3 with 1 chip and no booster. My Andre managed it just once as well, with 84e Laranja.