Friday, July 10, 2009

Internal clan event gone awry

The memorable highlight of the evening was an internal clan event gone awry. Four of our families decided to play with spinelles outside Auch. Unfortunately, the host was suddenly preoccupied and unable to give his family orders right after at least a dozen Golden Spiders, many more Small Golden Spiders, and a bunch of Thora were released. Our four families were completely defeated within a few minutes, even the host's Fighter which was wearing an elite level 92 metal armor +5 with 2 DR and in Defender stance.

Through the use of Volcanic Eruption and Blazing Pillar, the number of Small Golden Spiders was reduced dramatically. The Golden Spiders and Thora still posed a threat though so we switched out Eloise for Iris (the Musketeer). Using hit and run tactics, we managed to lure a few Golden Spiders and Thora into a narrow secluded spot and defeated them. We did this several times and eventually cleaned up the map. It's surprising the tiny spaces those spiders managed to crawl into. The Defender stance's Dull attack worked surprisingly well in stunning the Golden Spiders which gave us some relief to handle other targets.

As the rewards, the most memorable was a level 92 unique Dragon Coat. We also have to give some credit to a passing family of the Ceres clan that was dressed in cockatrice outfits. They managed to eliminate a few Golden Spiders and Thora while passing through to their destination. We didn't catch the name of that family of flamboyant fat birds but they were definitely of help.

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