Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This evening, we heard a humorous misconception. Someone wanted to purchase a single level 92 enchantment chip. Curious as to why one would want to purchase only a single enchantment chip and especially when they have quite a few levels to go before even being able to use level 92 equipment, we inquired further. It turned out that they wanted to use that single level 92 enchantment chip on a level 80 equipment. Their reasoning was that the higher the level the chip, the better the enchantments it gave. As there is a tremendous price difference between a level 80 enchantment chip and a level 92 enchantment chip, it would have been a huge mistake if they had gone through with their original plan.


Maki said...

That is not true imo, tried and tested. Chipping is pure luck, used 80 chips on lvl 40 boots and other random equips for testing. Failed in the end, dun waste vis on buying highier lvl chips for lower stuff.

WW said...

Which was exactly why it was so humorous.