Friday, July 24, 2009

Our 12th Veteran: Vincent Rio

We promoted Vincent Rio to Veteran today. The first thing he did after that was to flirt with a girl in Auch. It's unknown what the girl's true name was as she initially seemed to be Dilia, but she introduced herself as Amilia and our log showed her as Emilia.
She apparently liked Lisa's Avocado sandwich.
More flirting got Vincent noticed by her father who was just standing around the corner. He told us about a secret laboratory that belonged to Vincent's late father.
Inside the Secret Laboratory, we were met with Mercenaries. They were quite easy to defeat as all they did was kick. Nothing new was learned from them though other than that they were hired by someone whose identity they refused to divulge.
The reward was the Serenade stance book. This allows Vincent to play better and impress that girl he was flirting with.

Since Vincent showed an earlier interest in Lightning magic, we also rewarded him with the Domination Lightning stance book.

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