Monday, July 6, 2009

Roleplay: Family History 2

So what did the original family members do from the time that they graduated school to the time that they formed a new family and became pioneers? Apparently, they went their separate ways,
  • Euclase joined the Opoluto military and became a medic. As all recruits had to go through basic combat training, Euclase learned how to use daggers and other small edged weapons. Through training and practical experience, she learned how to effectively apply drugs and medication to temporarily boost various abilities of her patients. As the most adventurous one of the group, she had dreams of setting out into the great unknown. Eventually, that opportunity came as Opoluto lost its sovereignty to Vespanola and she easily managed to convince her old schoolmates to join her.
  • Hester also joined the Opoluto military but was still in training when Opoluto lost the war. Hence, although she has read about how various weapons are used and have practiced with a sword, she had no real combat experience. She became unemployed after Opoluto lost to Vespanola.
  • Elizabeth became a chemist. Working with the elements and various materials/chemicals allowed her to understand how nature worked. In particular, thermodynamics and electricity were her major fields of study. Her works are continued by our current elementalist Eloise who has made great progress.
  • Dorothy was a teacher/researcher that studied the way the mind worked and how it could affect reality. However, the university setting does not offer much opportunities to test out her theories.
  • Sylvia joined the naval side of the Opoluto military and guarded the coast. This included hunting pirates and smugglers. Apparently, sea pirates were a big issues back then. Training included rifles for shooting at pirate ships and pistols for close combat while boarding pirate ships. Her unit disbanded after Opoluto lost to Vespanola.

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